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April Round Up

30th April 2018

April can be summed up like this for me: Travelling, birthdays, seeing friends, feeling unmotivated, enjoying the small bursts of sunshine, and a mixed bag of good and bad news. It’s been quite the whirlwind month, and although I usually love April because of my birthday; I can’t wait to see the back of it really! May seems like it’ll (hopefully) be a much better month!

I’ve got the reading bug back which is great, and at the moment I’m devouring Michelle Mcnamara’s ‘I’ll be Gone In The Dark’. I’ve been absolutely FASCINATED with the news that the Golden State Killer has been caught, and her book is perfect for reading up on the history of the case. I thoroughly recommend it!

Creativity wise; I’ve been in such a slump for the longest time. I’d say all of March and April really, which is major for me. This wasn’t just some ‘crappy week’, this was a long, dreary slump. I haven’t felt like myself in ages, and I really hope that changes soon, because it’s made me realise how much that can affect every area of my life if I’m not motivated. My blog has been quieter than ever, I’ve made the minimum effort with Instagram and other socials, and I haven’t been creating much at all. Until the past two weeks. I’ve really tried my best to push myself, and so I’ve been making some handmade coasters which have proven to be quite popular! In fact they aren’t even on my Etsy store right now because every time I make a new set, they sell out immediately which is amazing! It’s worth keeping an eye on my Instagram stories if you’re interested, as that’s where I share them all. As well as this, I’ve also been working really hard on a cute new Tshirt design, and my campaign is finally here! Visit here to grab one of your own, and help support me getting these made! It would mean the world to me 🙂 


April has been a blessing for my advertisers, as they’ve all been so wonderful! So let’s round up the bunch who have graced my sidebar –


Little Budget

Sally is one of the loveliest and most supportive bloggers out there! she writes about her life, books she loves, outfits, and more. I love following her on social media too, as she’s always such a bright and positive force in my feed!

By Busby

Shelley’s blog is the type of blog I LOVE to devour in one sitting. It’s packed full of a bit of everything (lifestyle, travels, reviews, real talk about real issues) and it comes in one beautifully laid out package too!

Well Dressed Mess

Megan is an American blogger/singer/writer, and she’s so inspiring! Her blog is a colourful explosion of prettyiness, and she writes about her life, what inspires her, blogging/social media and more! 

Chichi Writes

Chichi’s blog is a awesome plethora of golden reads! From beauty reviews, style posts, lifestyle features and makeup; her blog is packed with something for everyone! Definitely give her a visit 🙂

Sweet Allure

Tarnya is one of my closest buds, and someone who always inspires me! Her blog ranges between lifestyle features, personal posts, TV/movie fangirling and posts about blogging and social media. She always writes with such a fun, personal style and comes up with unique posts!

I Dream Of Clothes

As soon as I first visited Chrissie’s blog; I fell in love. Her style is so beautiful, her posts are infectious and I love how she has something to say, as well as making me envy her wardrobe!

Not Copper Armour

Emma’s blog is one I’ve loved for a while now; her beautiful photography never fails to inspire me, and her writing always draws me in. She writes about blogging, social media, photography and so much more!

Top Lady Talks

Self described as a ‘frank, honest and sometimes bizarre’ account of her newly disabled life; this blog is a great pit stop for anyone going through a similar journey, or wanting to understand more. It’s packed with real, from the heart writing, and thoughtful posts which you’ll love.

Girl Gone Dreamer

Justine’s blog is a great mix of lifestyle features, beauty reviews, life musings, dating, blogging insights and so much more! There’s bound to be something for everyone, so give her a visit!

A Lifestyle Blog

Alicia’s blog is absolutely stunning, and can’t help but draw you in. It’s packed full of great features ranging between Instagram features, lifestyle posts, wellness, success and blogging. Her photos are always so pretty too!


It’s been a great bunch for April, and I’m so grateful to have had the support!
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