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My Different Personalities

7th April 2018

I’m hoping I’m not alone on this one; but do you ever notice how different you are with different people? Lately I’ve been thinking about how others see me, and I think even those closest to me would all have different opinions. Of course I can only guess at what their full impressions of me are, but I’ve certainly noticed how I act slightly different with different sets of people, unintentionally.

I thought today I’d round up some of the personalities I seem to have with different people, and I’d love to know if you guys can relate!


1. With family, I’m miles different in how I act and put myself out there, than say; with my best friends. I’m sure most people are like this too. When I’m with my family I’m a LOT more reserved, quieter (being the youngest, with older brothers will do that to ya!) and I don’t think any of them would describe me as fun. That’s not saying I’m a misery, Im very happy, content, can have a laugh with my family, and feel comfortable. But I live in such a different world to anyone else in my family; my career, my education, my interests are all 100% different to them. So it tends to make me feel a little restricted. So this is my more reserved, introverted personality I’d say.

2. With my best friends, or closest people, I’m 100% free to be myself. They share my interests, we have history together, shared memories, they’re the people I turn to in times of trouble, and they’re the ones I have my most wild, funny memories with. These people would probably describe me as extroverted, fun (I hope!), loud, chatty, and loyal. Since this group of people is where I feel most free; I never feel embarrassed over anything with them, I don’t feel like I need to be anything I’m not, I can let myself go and trust them completely. This is definitely my most FUN personality!

3. With new friends, or friends that just haven’t quite reached the level of ‘bestest budy for LYF’ yet, I’m a happy medium I’d say. I make an extra effort to be polite, I’m conscious of making sure they’re having a good time, and I’m chatty; but not quite SILLY or my usual OTT self yet. With this group of people I usually feel really comfortable with them that I don’t have to fill any silences and I always have a good time; but I might hold back on letting them see me without makeup, or running to them when I have a bad day. I’m sure we’ll get there! But for the early days I don’t want to scare them off LOL.

4. Professional Jemma is the personality used when dealing with people for work. Whether over email, for phone meetings, or meeting new contacts professionally; I put myself forward in a certain way. I’m confident (even if I’m faking it!), I’m friendly, I’m organised and always there to help. I can be lighthearted and chatty when professional, but I won’t be showing you how stressed/busy/anxious/insecure I actually am!


Let me know how you think you differ with different people in your life; I’d love to know! 🙂




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