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10 Bloggers Keeping This Community Alive (And Doing It So, So Well)

7th June 2018

Okay, so a few disclaimers before we get into this post.

  1. By ‘keeping this community alive’ I specifically mean bloggers still producing blog content.
  2. I know other people keep this community alive by reading, sharing and commenting on blogs (you’re awesome!).
  3. There are also amazing content creators on Instagram or Youtube, etc – but I wanted to focus solely on blogging.
  4. These are some of my personal favourites, it doesn’t mean there aren’t other amazing people out there doing their thing! (And I WILL be doing more of these posts!)
  5. I didn’t really have a ‘blog related’ photo at hand, so I’ve used another I’ve took recently. LOL.


Phew. Right. 

I’ve noticed for a while now that blogging seems to be slightly on the decline. To be fair, this could just be referring to the particular people I tend to follow. But I feel like almost everyone has stopped making blogging as much of a priority, slowed down a little, or stopped producing blog content altogether. It’s made me really sad to be honest, as blogging still feels like home to me. I LOVE Instagram and that’s my daily go-to, but that doesn’t mean I want it to replace blogging completely. Instagram is mostly about the visual aspect, and I want to be able to sit down with a post that can keep me busy, make me think, or inspire me in some way. Through the first few months of my pregnancy, admittedly my own blog has slowed right down in content. But this is only because I’ve been so ill and exhausted, not because my passion has gone. Throughout this quiet time at home on the sofa (nearly always), I’ve found myself visiting blogs a hell of a lot, trying to indulge in a good read from my favourite people. However I’ve found myself really disappointed that so many have stopped blogging, or only write once a month or so. I get it. But it’s like…. *SIGH*.

So with that in mind, today I wanted to rave about the bloggers I LOVE, who still produce content, who still excite me, and who still pop up on my feed with a NEW post every now and again.

Here are the 10 babes you should follow if you’re hoping to keep the blog game alive:

1. Colours & Carousels

Charlotte’s blog has been a favourite of mine for the longest time now, she even sits at the top of my bookmarks on my browser. She writes about life, social issues, features her favourite outfits, reviews beauty products and always give an honest write up on her views. She inspires me to keep going, and she has a damn well pretty blog too!

2. Katie Jobling

This one is specifically for creative people/Artists, especially painters – but I recommend her to everyone, as she’s sure to inspire you! Not only does Katie constantly motivate me to pick up a paintbrush, and keep her Instagram looking absolutely beautiful; but she also writes on her blog about her creative process. She breaks down her method, shares tips, writes about social media and sharing online as an Artist, and much more!

3. Blooming El

This gal is someone I truly ADORE, and I’ve even had the pleasure of hanging out with! Her blog is a combination of positive, happy posts (check out her Wonderful Wednesday features), travel, lifestyle and truly beautiful photography. It’s a blog I’ve loved for years now, and I’m so so relieved she still posts her adventures for me to nosey at!

4. Hannah Heartss

BEAUTY ADDICTS – REJOICE! This is the must-visit blog for any makeup or skincare lovers, as Hannah shares it all. Not only does she blog very regularly, but she always has stunning photography, shares her 100% unbiased, honest opinions, and caters to all budgets and needs. I always come away wanting to spend all my pennies, and I always trust her recommendations. On top of all that, she’s a total sweetheart too, and always so supportive to other bloggers.

5. Fashion For Lunch

This babe is truly the epitome of colourful! I love her style, how flawless she always looks, the way she stands out in a crowd, her podcast recommendations (SO many good ones!), her honest product reviews, her snippets into her home decor (spoiler, it’ll make you jealous!) and the way she shares parts of her wonderful life online. She feels like a true friend even though we haven’t met yet, and constantly inspires me.

6. KPW (Kelly Prince Writes)

Kelly is one of those rare, lucky babes who seems to encapsulate pure glamour, while also making me believe she’s just like the girl next door. She always looks truly stunning in her outfit features, but she’s chatty and lovely enough to make you feel you could sit and have a cuppa with her in your pjs. Check out her blog for travel features, outfit inspo, social media tips and so much more!

7. Jasmin Charlotte

I’ve wrote before about Jasmin being a business and blog coach, and today I wanted to give a shout to her for her blog too! Her photography always pulls me in when I see it in my feed, and her posts never disappoint either. She writes about travel, her adventures, what she’s up to behind the scenes, life and wellbeing, and so much more! She’s an all round wonderful creator, and I think you guys will love her blog!

8. Nettle & Blackberry

You know when you love a blog SO much that you could just binge read it, and you click through post after post?? Well yeah, that. Imii’s blog is so dreamy and beautiful, but she’s more than just that. Her writing feels like chatting away to a friend, whether she’s sharing travel features, her thoughts on social issues, writing about her life, days out, food or beauty. I always love catching her new posts, and she’s been a firm favourite for a long time.

9. Alice Anne

Alice’s blog feels like it was made personally for me sometimes; as it’s like she shares everything I truly love. I love her daily Instagram content, but her blog is absolutely chock full of good reads that I feel it should be recommended to you guys! She writes about being a mother, beauty products, her life and adventures, food reviews and SO MUCH more. There’s always something different, and her honest writing and chatty posts are always among my faves.

10. Katie May (KTMY)

I discovered Katie’s blog late last year, and I haven’t looked back since. She’s stayed in my bookmarks and I visit her regularly to see what new posts she has up. She writes about living with a stoma, travel, food recommendations, style features, and her life in general! I love her bold honesty and how she writes about such important topics, and feel you guys would love her too!


There are definitely more bloggers out there who I know and love (hopefully some of you know who you are!) and I promise to feature more soon. I just wanted to share some of my recommendations, if your own feed has gone a little quiet the last few months.

Please feel free to recommend other bloggers out there you think I may like, or your own if you update often! 🙂






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