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Monthly Round Up

30th June 2018

June has been HOT, to say the least hasn’t it? Well, it has if you’ve been experiencing this heatwave we’re having in the UK. I don’t enjoy the heat, but I think I’ve managed fairly well thanks to hundreds of ice lollies and buying a paddling pool for the garden (I thoroughly recommend it!). I’ve spent some great time off with Gary enjoying special days out together, little dates, and even getting to see my Mum for a few days. 

I had 5 mini goals for June that I set myself, which included; Planning my content better, buying maternity clothes, pampering myself more often, launching new merch, and starting to transform the baby’s room. So how did I do?!

Well to be honest, not great. Firstly, I totally failed at planning content. I’ve scraped by with the bare minimum, and haven’t even had much of a chance to get any photos for Instagram. In fact, even my Insta stories were lacking this month, which sucks. I really enjoy updating them daily, so I do want to get on top of this more. 

Secondly, I did okay-ish on the maternity clothes thing. I bought just one or two things,  sticking to what I know I’d feel super comfortable in, and would be nice as I grow. However I’ve been a bit strapped for cash this month and unable to really get the essentials yet.

As for pampering myself; hmmm. I’ll say not bad. I’m counting buying the paddling pool here, because it was absolutely essential to my sanity, and really has made it easier to cool down in the heat. I did have a friend come over and pamper me this month by doing my makeup and nails though, which is FAB. She’s a bloomin’ star and I felt so good afterwards! 

Launching my new merch might have been the greatest and worst part of this month combined. I’m seriously proud of my new pins and tote bags (as well as various new prints and bookmarks) and I’ve had a lovely bunch of people support them, buy them, and shout about them (I’m so grateful!!). However sales have been so, so bad. I still haven’t even broken even on what I spent to get them made, and I’m so worried. I’d really LOVE if you guys purchased a lil something, or recommended them to a friend! 🙂

And finally, transforming the baby room! NOPE. We haven’t done a thing, haha. I’m totally okay with this one though, as we have so much time. Plus, it’s been way too hot to even think about painting or putting furniture together. So maybe next month…

All in all it’s been not a bad month I’d say. But I’m hoping July is miles better! (Next week we find out the sex of our baby, so it’ll be a brilliant way to start the month!)

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Thank you to all my lovely advertisers this month, I’ve discovered some amazing new blogs and I can’t wait to see what the next month holds for them.

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