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Surviving The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

10th June 2018

Technically, the first trimester of pregnancy is the first 12 weeks. But for me personally, it’s felt like the first 15 weeks. You see, I’m 16 weeks pregnant at the moment, and I’m ONLY JUST starting to feel like myself again.

The first trimester of pregnancy is different for everyone, but it’s common to experience nausea (not just in the mornings!), exhaustion, raging hormones, and feeling generally quite rubbish. It’s a really rough time as your body begins to drastically change and prepare for a whole new life, and it can take it’s toll. For me, the first 15 weeks involved lots of crying, sleeping, lying on the sofa with an emergency sick bucket next to me, and feeling really, really low. I wish I could say it was all sunshine and rainbows, but it really weren’t!

However, I did have some help along the way. Gary of course, supporting as best he could, doing everything for me, cooking, cleaning, trying to cheer me up, etc. He’s a good egg, but it must have been hard for him.

My other big source of help came from Dear Bump*; a pregnancy subscription box, tailored for each trimester. I was kindly sent their First Trimester bump box for review, and found it so lovely and ACTUALLY useful along the way!

Included were:

Primrose Kitchen Raw Beetroot & Ginger Muesli,
Neuner’s Organic Herbal Pregnancy Tea,
Munchy Seeds Choccy Ginger,
Baby B Pregnancy Journal (from Busy B),
Chamomile Beauty Balm,
Bloom & Blossom Rejuvenating Facial Spritz,
Myrtle & Maud Mum To Be Wristbands,
Myrtle & Maud Mum To Be Peppermint Bon Bons,
2 Pregnancy Scan Frames and Envelopes,
A list of tips for helping cope in Trimester 1.


I was thrilled with the box, as it seemed to cover as many bases as possible in one go. Helping with eating and drinking; things specifically known to help combat nausea. Exciting and adorable things like the frames and envelopes, meaning we could treasure our first scan, and post some out to family to keep. The pregnancy journal, helping me keep track of this precious time, to be able to keep and look back on. And the other useful things like the wristbands, beauty balm, and list of helpful tips.

Dear Bump really is designed to help and comfort mums in this first stage of pregnancy, and I thought the box was delightful. My favourite products were definitely the peppermint bon bons (peppermint is great for helping nausea, and I find it much nicer than ginger! Plus they were simply YUMMY), the pregnancy journal, and the frames for the scan photos. They have balanced the perfect line between sweet and really damn useful.

The great thing about their website, is that there is the option to buy one off boxes, or buy a subscription for yourself or someone else, to support them during their whole pregnancy. There is also gift boxes available on there, and it’s a really nice way to feel much nicer during pregnancy, when things might be a little bit rough.


I’m into the second trimester now, which is meant to be the REALLY GOOD BIT, so I’ll be sure to report back soon!





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