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29th July 2018

July was really hot, long, and for me, had some lovely little highlights.

One of the best things was getting the chance to advertise some amazing blogs and businesses. Yep, it’s that time again where I get to share the love and tell you guys all about my sponsors for the month. This is so important to me, because I literally rely on these guys for support, and I genuinely want them to get that support back. They truly deserve it and it’s a fantastic way to discover new people to follow too! If you want to feature in upcoming posts, check out the details on my advertisers page

So, who did we have this month?



BLOG: She Might Be Loved – Georgina’s blog was one of the very first I EVER became addicted to back in 2013/2014, and I’ve loved her ever since. She always continues to inspire me and keep me coming back, and I think you guys will love her! She has wonderful plus size fashion features, blog/social media tips, and is always really honest!

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BLOG: She Might Be – Created by Georgina ^ She Might Be is an online plus size fashion community filled with amazing style tips, retail reviews, lifestyle features and so much more. There really is something for everyone and it’s a welcoming, inclusive community that continues to grow and spread love!

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BLOG: Scouse Bird Problems – Started by Steph, an incredible Liverpool blogger and business owner – SBP has become a one stop blog for everything you’ll love. Laugh out loud articles, honest beauty reviews, food and drink recommendations, lifestyle features and so much more! 

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BLOG: Ramblings Of A Jaffa Cat – Jenny’s blog is one you may have seen before, as she’s been a repeat advertiser and supporter of my own blog! If you visit ROAJC you’ll find features on chronic illness, mental health issues, travel, daily life and so much more! 

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BLOG: Sarah Aurora – Sarah’s blog was new to me this month, but I’ve completely fallen in love! She writes about her life, things that make her happy, blogging, her goals, and so much more. Her content is really relatable and addictive, and her photography is absolutely beautiful!



BLOG: Music Geek Online – Tajinder’s blog is a beautiful combination of lifestyle articles, fashion features, wellbeing, empowerment and down to earth posts. I love how there’s something for everyone, and she seems like such a positive person, which is great! I thoroughly recommend checking her out.

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BLOG: Student Nurse and Beyond – Toni’s blog is a fascinating look into student nursing, and her journey so far into the profession of nursing. She does a Critical Care series, guides you through her experiences, gives educational/revision tips and so much more! 

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BLOG: Broke But Flawless – Michelle’s blog is a wonderful combination of beauty reviews, lifestyle features, dating posts, daily life and much more! She is navigating her twenties and sharing her thoughts along the way; definitely one to check out!

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BLOG: Wandering Words – Definitely one for the bookworms out there! If you love book recommendations, games, graphic novels, and following fellow writers – you need to go follow WW. She has a beautiful blog that always inspires my creative side, and reminds me why I love blogging. 

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Who have you guys been reading this month!? 





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