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August Advertisers

31st August 2018

I’m SO happy to be saying goodbye to August! Everyone probably knows by now I’m not a Summer girl at all, and September through to December are my absolute favourite months! I couldn’t handle the heat we’ve had this Summer, and I’ve been craving the season of Autumn to begin. Not that I expect it to suddenly go cold and rainy September 1st, with the leaves falling from trees. But it’s the promise that those things are NOT FAR OFF, which is a winner in my books.

As happy as I am to see August on it’s way out; I’m sad to say goodbye to my August advertisers. They have been a wonderful, eclectic bunch who have inspired me in so many ways. I wanted to share with you a little round up today of these guys, and I really hope you’ll send some support their way!


A Belly Full of Words:

Kate’s blog is PERFECT for me. Full of lifestyle posts, travel features, great photography and a slice of real life. She’s so down to earth, and shares updates throughout her posts, and always comes across so cheery and chatty which I love. 

Little Budget:

Sally has been a long time love of mine, bot only for her blog but her social media and just, HER, in general. She’s one of the sweetest, friendliest folk I’ve met in all my time blogging, and this shines through on her blog too! Check her out for a feed full of lifestyle posts, opinion pieces and just lovely chats.

Mariama Rebecca:

A Youtuber this month! The lovely Mariama has a Youtube channel where she shares predominantly beauty reviews, beauty tips, fashion and style hauls. She has such an eclectic, bright style which I’m immediately drawn to, and she keeps things really down to earth which I love! Check her out and subscribe!

Goddess Guide:

Shauna’s blog is an instant LOVE! When you visit you’ll see she has a beautiful blog, with so many features screaming out to be read. I love her style, her photography is so beautiful, and she writes from the heart touching on many subjucts. I think there’s something for everyone, and you’ll love her!

Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness:

Zoe is a BABE, pure and simple. I genuinely could hug this girl, she’s so so sweet, lovely, friendly and helpful. It’s always such a pleasure to follow her on Twitter, and her blog is an archive full of wonderful reads. I especially love her posts dealing with mental health and self care, as she always reminds me to look after myself, and that it’s okay to NOT be okay.

Fishnets XD:

Ellen’s blog is perfect for anyone who loves to read travel blogs; whether it’s following her own travels, or inspiring you to try new places, ideas for a gap year, and more! She shares beautiful photos and it feels like you’re going along on adventures with her as you read her blog! She shares loads of lifestyle features too, so check her out!

GESSO: Primed Creatives:

GESSO is a creative community for bloggers who love sharing their work, what inspires them, and their own processes. I’m part of this community myself and it’s run by the most AMAZING, talented women you’ll come across in the community. GESSO is currently running an amazing blogging challenge for all creative bloggers, so PLEASE do go join this community and challenge yourself!

Wonderfully Bookish:

Charlotte’s blog is a wonderful combination of book reviews, unboxing, movie reviews and so much more! I absolutely LOVE how she always inspires me to read more, and make it an important part of my day, even if it’s just half an hour at night. If you’re looking for a new book or movie to check out, Charlotte is your girl!

Emma’s Happy Little World:

Emma’s blog is a fantastic place full of real life, family, lifestyle posts, and so much more! She is currently doing the 80 Days Of Summer Challenge; where she does something every single day to take advantage of Summer! She documents all of this on her blog, and its truly lovely and inspiring – it shows you how you can make the most of this time, in big or small ways! 

Beesy Times:

Julia’s blog immediately embodies everything I love about blogs in one first visit. She shares interesting posts on a range of topics (lifestyle, fashion, travel, ethical living and more), with beautiful photography, all on a simple layout blog. I mean this in a GOOD way. I detest blogs that are so ‘snazzy’ and complicated that I can’t tell what their most recent post was, it really puts me off. Julia’s blog is pretty, so great to dive into, and she keeps things real.#


Thank you so much for all my August advertisers, you’ve been wonderful to get to know!

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