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Taking Steps To Go Vegan*

16th August 2018

Over the last few years, I’ve made a conscious decision to change things when it comes to my diet and the products I use. I’ve been taking note of products that are cruelty free and vegan where possible and switching to them, I’ve been cutting as much meat out of my diet as possible, and I’ve tried dairy alternatives in day to day life. I’m currently not vegan or vegetarian, but it is something I’m working towards.

If there are things I can simply switch to, I have done. However I’ve found it really tricky to replace chicken for example (as I just really don’t like the quorn alternative so far), and I have had such a bad relationship with foods and diets in the past, that I’m trying to do this slowly over time rather than pressuring myself all in one go. Especially while I’m pregnant, it’s important to me to not stress myself out over something else too.

The great thing is, Gary (my fiance) is vegetarian already, and always looking to push towards veganism for himself; so I’ve had a great chance to try things I wouldn’t usually, and have insight into things I probably wouldn’t have thought about. We’ve switched cleaning products, toiletries and more, because he’s a great reminder to check ingredients in everything. It’s fantastic to know that although I’m not there 100% yet, I’ve actively made big changes in my life towards a vegan lifestyle already. 


If like me, you want to take small steps towards a vegan lifestyle, here are some great tips I thought might help!


  1. Check ingredients on EVERYTHING. Luck for that little vegan symbol on products that is becoming more and more regular now (yay!). It’s getting easier to switch to almost identical alternatives, and brands will take note of this and continue to work towards veganism themselves!
  2. Add things to your diet before cutting things out. I know through personal experience, that trying to just STOP eating something you love is so hard, and can have horrible effects. So I’ve found the best way to make this work is by adding things in your diet first. Began by adding more whole grains, meat alternatives, dairy free products, nuts and seeds into your meals and snacks, and you’ll soon come to find things you love. It will make it so much easier in the long run when cutting out your favourite bacon sarnie of a morning.
  3. Remember your motivation behind this. For me, it’s my moral compass kicking in and wanting to leave animals be as much as possible, and to help the planet. For you it might be a million different things, like wanting to have a healthier, plant based diet. Whatever it is, keep it in mind that you’re doing something great, even with small steps!
  4. Check for any deficiencies! are a private wellness company who offer a huge range of health and nutritional tests; including Vegan Testing. This is a fantastic first step for anyone considering taking on a vegan lifestyle, as you can find out if you have any deficiencies you’ll need to consider, and then prepare! This means you’ll not only be helping the animals and saving the planet, but making sure you’re doing so while looking after yourself and really making sure you have everything you need. It’s also a great test for people who are already vegan; and just looking to ensure they’re getting all the nutritional requirements they need. Health Labs have very kindly given me a discount code – ‘DORKFACE25‘ – which means you guys can get 25% off all their vegan tests now! WOO!
  5. Keep a positive attitude. Remember, you shouldn’t be expected to change your whole life overnight, so don’t pressure yourself. You should be cheering yourself on no matter how small a step you take! Reward yourself with each little milestone, and think about how far you’ve already come by making this decision.


I hope there are lots of people who like me, haven’t quite made it there yet to a vegan lifestyle; but are now INSPIRED to! There are little things we can all do to help, and it’s a great chance to really take note of what products we eat/use. I’m also very much aware there are people who cannot take on a vegan diet, and I totally respect this! I just thought this might be a little helpful insight into some of the steps I’ve taken myself.

Let me know what you guys think! 🙂 




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