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7 Months; Pregnancy Update

28th September 2018


I’m over seven months pregnant now, and it feels like life is coming at me fast! Luckily things are going well in preparing for baby, and I even feel like we’re almost there. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have probably seen that the nursery is basically all finished (a few small tweaks maybe needed, nothing big though) and our list of things we still need to buy is getting smaller and smaller each day. 

In October we’ll make sure to get the cot mattress, another shelf maybe, and a rainbow rug (if I can find a bargain). Other than that, we’re just preparing for the birth! This entails sorting a birthing pool for when I’m around 37 weeks (I’m just about to turn 32 weeks at the moment, for reference), getting lots of waterproof sheeting for the house, prepping a hospital bag, and watching our hypnobirthing videos! (We’re using the digital pack from The Positive Birth Company and I honestly LOVE it, best money I’ve ever spent, and I’d recommend it to anyone! – Not an AD, just love it!).

We’re so so close to the finish line now, and the rest of this pregnancy journey should be much less stressful, and all about just looking forward to the big day.

We were so kindly gifted some goodies recently from Clair De Lune* and I’m thrilled with the choices they sent! We now have a few treats from the Sleep Tight collection including: The Musical Mobile (£35.99), Roly Poly Travel and Change Mat (£21.99), Hooded Towel (£13.99), and the Large Cot Pocket Nursery Tidy (£15.99). 

The cot pockets are such a useful little addition which can be strapped to any cot, to keep essentials close by; I already know this will be a lifesaver to stop us losing baby’s favourite dummies/teethers/etc! I’m also absolutely in love with the musical mobile and hooded towel (SO CUTE!), and the travel mat is essential for in the car.


Today upon writing this, I’ve experienced my first set of Braxton Hicks, and they’re not fun lemme tell ya! It felt sort of like shooting pains going up my tummy and up my sides, only lasting a moment or so though. I knew what it was straight away, but checked out a description online just to be sure. I guess my body is getting prepared for things at the later stages at least!

Other than that, behind the scenes I’m just preparing to close up my shop and all work, since I go on maternity leave in less than 30 days! Right now I have a HUUUGE sale on my Etsy, so PLEASE please consider helping me clear stock and preparing for baby by purchasing something! This is an ideal time to stock up on unique Christmas gifts!


Keep your fingers crossed for me that this final stage of pregnancy goes well guys, I could use it! 🙂




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