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September Advertisers

29th September 2018


It’s that time again where I get to share the love and tell you guys all about my advertisers for the month. This is so important to me, because I literally rely on these guys for support, and I genuinely want them to get that support back. They truly deserve it and it’s a fantastic way to discover new people to follow too!

So here are the fabulous bunch I’ve been raving about in September, and why you should check them out!…

GESSO Primed Creatives is a wonderful community specifically for creative bloggers who want to challenge themselves, be inspired, follow other creatives, and share their work. I’m a HUGE fan of this and I knew I instantly wanted to be a member, as it’s so lovely to find other bloggers who write about their Art/creations and motivate me!

YOU SHOULD SEE: The GESSO blog challenge!

Laura’s a fellow Scouser living away from her home city, so I feel a kinship with her in many ways! She writes about family, lifestyle, travel, food, fun adventures and so much more! Definitely check her out.

YOU SHOULD SEE: ‘Life Last Month – August’

The Valkyries is described as ‘fearless ladies talking nerdy’ – and that’s pretty spot on! If you’re a fan of comics, video games, movies, cosplay, and much, MUCH more; you need to be following this blog!

YOU SHOULD SEE: Their Instagram!

These past few months, Wandering Words has fast become one of my fave blogs to visit. It’s full of down to earth lifestyle posts, books, games, creative writing, and everyday life! It’s comforting and inspiring all at once.

YOU SHOULD SEE: ‘A month in pictures: September’

Ms Green’s Notes is the perfect blog for writers, bookworms and anyone looking for a great recommendation! There’s something for everyone here and I love popping by when I need some inspo or to check out book reviews!

YOU SHOULD SEE: Bookclub: ‘We Were Liars’

Abbie’s blog has such a pretty layout and is really organised which I love! (I had to mention this as its a key selling point for me personally!). She writes about her life, fashion, blogging, baking, books and SO much more!

YOU SHOULD SEE: ‘Rachel from Friends: Get the look’

Siobhan’s blog is a whole world of product reviews, recommendations, beauty posts, lifestyle, food and health! She adds a little touch of everything in there and even has a section for vegan recipes! Perfect!

YOU SHOULD SEE: Gilmore Girls Examined

Emma’s blog is a real and honest portrayal of her life, and everything she is interested in. She shares what shes up to behind the blog, love and relationship posts, healthy living, and has been sharing an impressive ’80 Days of Summer’ series for the past few months.

YOU SHOULD SEE: ‘6 Months From Now’

Danielle is a photographer and blogger who shares all aspects of her life, and who started her blog because of her little boy. It’s a fantastic parenting and lifestyle blog, and she writes so honestly and openly about everything. Definitely check it out!

YOU SHOULD SEE: ‘I wish it was easier for him’

Abigail’s blog is a beautiful combination of lifestyle, beauty, travel and so much more. I love that she writes about everything that interests her, and it’s easy to navigate and dip in and out of! I thoroughly recommend checking her out!

YOU SHOULD SEE: Her Instagram! It’s so pretty!


Thank you so much to all my advertisers, you’ve been wonderful and I can’t wait to see what the next month brings for you all! 🙂




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