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Making Life Easier With Pharmacy2U*

6th October 2018


Let me start by telling you guys some of my little pet peeves. Phoning people, or having to go speak to people I don’t know face to face, or having to fill out forms, or having to take time out of my day to travel to the doctors (which isn’t close for us) to put in prescriptions. I don’t think I’m alone in this at all. In this day and age, we love having apps for everything, with the power at our fingertips to get things done with a quick press of the button – am I right?!

So when I was recently asked to try out the Pharmacy2U app*, to be quite honest I was surprised I hadn’t heard of or started using this app already. Gary and I both have to make regular trips to the doctors, and as I mentioned, our local one isn’t very close. The WORST part is every single month without fail, they seem to screw up Gary’s meds. We put in a prescription to the doctors, and they’re supposed to send it to the closest pharmacy to be sorted, and that’s where we’re meant to pick it up within a few days. Sounds simple enough eh? However for the past 6 months mistakes have repeatedly been made, prescription forms lost, and many a time they send it to the wrong pharmacy! It’s an absolute nightmare when you only have a short amount of time to get prescriptions sorted.

So we’ve been trying out the Pharmacy2U app, and we couldn’t have had a more IMPRESSIVE service! It makes life so much easier, there is no need to leave your own home, everything is at your fingertips, and it costs nothing extra! Pharmacy2U provides an NHS service, and is designed to make things simpler and more convenient. Registering takes 2 minutes, simply filling in your name, address, email, phone number, your GP surgery and then which repeat prescriptions you’re on. You’re then brought to the main screen (shown above) where you can order any meds you’ll need soon by simply typing it in, OR scanning the bar code of a previous prescription (so so handy for all those tricky long names).


When ordering you can let the app know where you’d like your meds delivered, when you need them by, and if you have any delivery preferences (like if you’re okay with it being popped through the letterbox or not – handy if you have little children or pets who you don’t want getting their hands on these!).

There’s even useful reminders you can set, to let the app give you a notification for when you’ll next need to put an order in (SUCH a lifesaver for forgetful people like me).

We used this service and couldn’t believe we had signed up and had everything ordered within minutes, without leaving the sofa. I really can’t believe we went so long without this app, as we both agreed it’s something we will always be using from now on.

Payment is easily done through your card, and there are no extra charges at all! It’s a free app and free service; you’re only paying the standard NHS prescription charge as you usually would, and they’re delivered to you! How amazing is that?? No more waiting in doctors surgeries, no more mix ups, no more queuing in the pharmacy! This has taken such a burden out of our lives and made a real difference, so I’m really happy to share this with you guys!


I thoroughly recommend you all check it out and give it a go, if you want to make life more convenient! 🙂





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