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31st January 2019

Okay so I know it’s the most cliche thing on earth to say this; but January has been lonnnngggg hasn’t it?

The greatest small achievement for me personally was getting River into a great night time routine, meaning he now sleeps right through! It’s made a huge difference to us, getting a normal night’s sleep, especially as he’s so much more active in the day now.

I’ve started to seriously plan my shop relaunch too, and I’ve made some small progress designing one or two collections of products. It’s just the bare bones at the moment, but I’m hoping as the weeks go by I’ll build up my work more and more. Come August when my Etsy shop reopens, I want to launch with a bang! Lots of exciting new products and challenges. The most difficult thing right now is just finding time to work on it all, and saving the pennies to order the products.

I had a bit of a Marie Kondo inspired week last week, January seemed like the perfect time for a clear out! I got rid of 3 huge bags of clothing, all donated to the charity shop, and I organised my entire wardrobe so it looks and feels much better. It’s now not a fight to find clothes, and I hopefully won’t just reach for the same old things, now that I’ve rediscovered so many old gems! It’s amazing what you find bundled at the back of your closet. It also made me realise that I definitely need a few more skirts in my collection, and I still don’t own the perfect pair of jeans (so that’ll be my mission when shopping!).

I’ve had the gorgeous Laura aka Lojo as my advertiser this month, and as always she’s been a gem! Her blog is a combination of family life, days out, her adventures, reviews and so much more! She packs fun and warmth into everything she writes, and I really treasure her blog on my feed. You guys should also follow her Instagram, as she’s so friendly and lovely, and who doesn’t need more of that eh?


Right now I’m not feeling so great if I’m honest. Yesterday my back was in such agony I wanted to cry, but instead I took all the painkillers I could and went to bed for a lonnngg nap. I also threw up, and today my throat feels like it’s closing over. So you could say it’s been a crappy week really! Gary is back to work tonight, and I desperately hope River gives me an easy day/evening. He’s brilliant of a night, sleeping right through – but this week he’s been so fussy during the day! He might be going through a leap, he might just be being a bastard. Who knows?! (Calm down, I adore him, but I must laugh at the situation or I’ll cry). He just seems to cry unless we’re carrying him lately. And we have to be stood up, he cries if we even sit down with him(!). All this is not good on my back, the one I just mentioned which is already in agony. So yeah, let’s hope he stops this soon haha.

Little highlights this month have included; getting my nails done in a shimmery pastel rainbow thanks to Corinna, receiving the cutest package in the mail thanks to Jamie, being sent a nice dress from a brand, and changing my hair to an unplanned pink/purple which I turned out to LOVE!


How’s your January been? 🙂





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