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8th January 2019


It feels SO good to find time to blog again, so hello guys! You may have caught my last post, all about my 2019 Goals; and if so, you’ll know I just want to appreciate all the little things in 2019. So finding time to sit here and write, is definitely being appreciated right now. It’s all thanks to my mum, who has been staying with us for the past week. She’s here for another two days too, then we all go to Liverpool together for few days. When we come home though, it’ll be back to just Gary, River and I. Which means I’ll have no backup for baby duties when Gary’s in work, eek! I’ve been spoiled, but it’s been lovely. It’s so great that Mum has had so much bonding time with River too, especially because we live so far away from each other.

So anyway, I’m making the most of these few days by writing blog posts, taking photos, planning content, illustrating, and so much more! To be honest it even feels like a lovely treat to get a chance to clean up uninterrupted! What has happened to me?!

As I type this, we’ve currently had FOUR brilliant nights of River sleeping so, so well. We started a new bedtime routine which I shared all the details of on Instagram, and it’s really worked for us. Of course I hope I’m not jinxing anything, and I’m sure bad nights will still happen – but I’m hoping they are much rarer now! I’ll see how things continue to go, and if I’m seeing constant success I’ll write up all the details and post our sleep tips here. I can’t tell you what an amazing difference having a good nights sleep makes though – I could dance with joy!

The one thing I haven’t made time for in weeks, is reading! Books and blogs have been neglected, and I hate this. I’ll try to make it part of my routine again; even if its just a little 20 minute reading sesh a day, when River is having a nap or something. There are so many books I’ve got on my Kindle just waiting to be devoured!

However I HAVE made time for TV; so much easier with a baby, as you can binge watch during feeds! I’ve taken up Gilmore Girls again from the beginning, and I’m happily making my way through season 3 at the moment. I’m also THRILLED new Luther is back too!!! The legend that is Idris Elba always cheers me up.

Apart from trying to get as much sleep as I can, looking after River, and finding a new sort of routine; I’ve not been doing much else really! I might try in a month or so to join a baby group, or even just start making time each week for the three of us to go swimming. It’ll be nice to schedule something in our routine to get River out exploring the world, when he can appreciate it a little more. Right now I still feel like I’m finding my feet just dealing with a baby, let alone taking on new things. So we’ll see.


Anyway; I plan on drawing, tidying up the house a bit, and printing off a load more photos of River to add to his photo album I’m making. So I better be off!

Toodlepip! (and remember you can keep up with our daily life by following my Instagram!)




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