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10 Little Ways To Treat Yourself*

14th March 2019

*In collaboration with Thorntons


There’s nothing more I look forward to these days, than a day off.

I mean, I know I’m a mum now, so I don’t technically, really get one. But when Gary’s off work, I count that as my day off too now. Because it means I can hand over the baby to him whenever I like, and it’s so much easier with some help!

I get one or two of these days per week, depending on how much Gary is working; and I spend one of them doing my own work, preparing to re-open my shop, or building up my business somehow. But the other day? That’s all mine! Freedom! (sort of). So I decided a while back that would be my ‘treat myself’ day. The day to really look after myself, spoil myself, have a bit of a pamper, recharge for the week. Whatever I want or need, happens on that day.

Sometimes on those days, self care looks like me simply having a longer shower, doing my makeup and getting out of the house. Some days it could be a huge splurge, but it all helps in whatever way I need to feel good.

With this in mind, I wanted to share some of my favourite ways to treat myself, in the hopes it will inspire you to! So whenever you next need it, refer to the following;…


10 Little Ways To Treat Yourself


1. Catch up with friends

Making a point to catch up with friends can be SO beneficial to feeling good. Whether it’s having a night out together, or just a little whatsapp group chat; I always feel better for it. 

2. Get your nails done

This! I’m one of those people who haaaates having bare nails. I don’t even have long nails, they’re short and stubby and not very strong; so I don’t tend to let them grow much even if I could. But I still *need* them to be painted, decorated, or have a little bit of glitz to them. It instantly makes me feel prettier!

3. Indulge in the yummiest chocolate truffles

There’s nothing quite like a quiet Sunday, watching movies and nibbling away on a nice bit of chocolate. So can I recommend the ultimate treat? Thorntons chocolate truffles * are like little drops of heaven, and they always remind me of my Mum! This is always her treat of choice, and I know why. They’re so yummy, and you can even get alphabet ones to spell out something special for an ultra treat!

4. Buy something you’ve wanted for a while

Got your eye on a special dress? Or perhaps a pair of shoes? Maybe it’s the perfect lipstick. Either way, treating yourself with a little purchase you’ve lusted after for ages can be an instant mood booster!

5. Try something new

Trying something new doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating, and it can feel SO good. Why not book a trip somewhere new, or try a local class in something you haven’t done before? You’ll meet new people, have new experiences, and you’ll thank yourself!

6. Buy fresh flowers

I LOVE having fresh flowers around the house, especially in Spring and Summer. It can bring together a room, and add the perfect pop of colour you need. At the moment daffodils are everywhere, and so I’ve put a big bunch in a vase on our dining room table. Everyday I come downstairs, they instantly make me smile! (Plus it makes it look like I have my life way more together than I actually do..!).

7. Read

This is definitely something that feels like the ultimate treat for me now. Reading helps me to tap into my imagination, relax and recharge my batteries, and feel like I’m getting some real alone time (even if I’m not, and there’s a sleeping baby near me!). 

8. Get your hair done

YASSSSS, is there anything more lush than leaving a salon feeling like a queen?! I’m due a really food chop, so I’ll be doing this one myself next week. However, even if you don’t want a cut or colour, it’s lovely to pop in and have someone else wash and style your hair isn’t it?! 

9. Do yoga

This is something I need to get back into, because I thoroughly enjoy whenever I do yoga daily. It makes me feel so good each morning, and helps stretch out my back really well (which takes a battering carrying around a baby all day!). It’s now like a wonderful treat if I get to start my day calmly and quietly with some yoga. 

10. Turn off notifications

The ultimate modern day kindness you can do for yourself. Turn off all notifications, or even better turn off your whole phone if you can! Switching off from the world for even a short while is so important, and it personally makes me feel so good. This gives my brain a little rest, and opens me up to loads of creative ideas! I usually try do this twice a week, even just for an hour or two.


What are your favourite ways to treat yourself?

Huge thanks to Thorntons chocolate truffles for supporting this blog – and to my readers for supporting the brands that support me! 🙂




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