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Raising Money To Start A Business – As A Freelancer

29th March 2019

Sure, raising money to start a business can be hard work for anyone, but when you’re a freelancer already? It can be slightly trickier. We’ve all had those amazing ideas, usually at 3 am, about a business idea that no one else has thought of (at least we hope). That could change lives, that there’s a real gap in the market for, but how do we raise money to start a business? Here’s a couple out of the box ideas for freelancers, and especially, influencers/bloggers.


There’s no other site that works like Patreon and that’s why it does so well. Patreon is where people sign up to different amounts per month and depending on how much they pay, you offer them different things. Obviously, this depends on what you do and if you have something to offer. For example, this is great for artists and creative people who can offer something just to their patrons. Exclusive content, photos, artwork, articles, behind the scenes, you see what I mean? Depending on how loyal your audience is and how much they love your work, you could offer them so much! You could also actually send things too, like a special gift every month, letter, note, merch (if you have it). It’s a great way to earn money for any business ideas you might have!


Whether you have a good idea or a lot of people who believe in you, this is a great way to get an idea off the ground. There are countless crowdfunding websites out there that help to bring creative projects to life and make them a reality. It all depends on what you’re looking to do, there’s GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Just Giving and so many more. You don’t always have to offer something in return, which is great if that isn’t doable. Personally, I also give to pages that are good with updates, I love seeing goals being smashed and happy people. Of course, sometimes these things can take a little while to come through, so you could look at a short term loan from Cash Lady in the meantime.

Donations/Open Paypal

You may see some influencers now openly sharing their PayPal or being on websites like Buy Me a Coffee and Ko-fi. These are great ways to accept small donations from those who follow you, literally the price of a coffee! You could have your link open, or ask specifically for donations when you need something. So in this case, you have a great business idea!

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