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Diary Entry 10

20th April 2019


Hello again!




It’s been two weeks since my last blog post, and I’ve had good reason for being pretty quiet around here. My mum came to stay with us for 10 days, and having her around is always so wonderful. Since she lives in Liverpool, I obviously don’t get to see her very often; so it just felt nice to have her there. It was also really helpful to have someone look after River with me each day; giving me a chance to get work done, clean the house, or just have an hour with a cup of tea and a book!

I weren’t on Instagram much, and didn’t post on here because I wanted to soak up all the family time I could get; and I felt so much better for it. It’s really refreshing to have that break sometimes, and I’ve found I have loads of inspiration now too.

When it came to taking Mum back home to Liverpool; Gary, River and I all went along too. We spent 3 days there before heading back to Plymouth, and this time in Liverpool actually fell on my birthday. It couldn’t have gone any better! I had the best birthday I’ve had in years, and I got to spend it with some of my favourite people ever. I even managed to get that perfect amount of intoxicated, where I’m definitely drunk, but not messy. The best part? I didn’t even have a hangover! Woo! Gary did let me sleep in though while he took care of River, so I’m extreeeeemely grateful for that.


River has been doing amazing lately, and it feels SO weird to watch my little baby come so far since I first saw him in the hospital. He’s so close to crawling and sitting up, I feel like it’s a mere week or two away?! He can sit up if he puts his arms out and leans on his legs, but soon topples down if not. I feel like him crawling and sitting up will give me more freedom day to day; like I can put him in his play pen with some toys while I get work done for half an hour, etc. But I also know it’ll be CRAZY hectic chasing him everywhere when he’s mobile!

He’s teething so badly at the moment and I can definitely feel something coming through, but I haven’t been able to see anything. He won’t let me get a good look in his mouth! I’m just hoping it eases off soon as he’s been in so much pain each day.


This week I completed some exciting work for a brand wanting to collaborate creatively, and it was so lovely to challenge myself to something new. I got complete creative freedom over my work, with just a brief outline of what was needed, and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect chance to flex my skills again. I can’t wait to show you guys what I’ve been working on!

I’ve also got loads of inspiration painting wise right now, and plan to get a few canvases filled while Gary’s off work. I always love doing commissions for people, so give me a shout if there’s anything you want! (

As for shop prep; I have just 3 months left to get everything ready. I’m nowhere near as prepared as I’d like to be, which makes me uncomfortable. But I think it’ll be easier to get work done as soon as River can sit up (as aforementioned!). Plus I had a lot of financial stuff to take care of, meaning I couldn’t order products for my shop. But I’ve taken care of a lot of that now, so fingers crossed I can start designing and ordering pins, bags, prints, greeting cards and more!



Anyway, the sun is shining, it’s Easter weekend, and River and I are off out for a glorious walk now.

Have a good one folks! 🙂 




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