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Preparing For The Crawling Stage

5th April 2019

Whilst getting ready to welcome a child into your life, you’ve probably already changed things around and baby proofed. With all the excitement you already have a list of things you want to do. We start with the obvious such as getting a place for the baby to sleep and setting up where their things will be. Sometimes we miss the odd thing or don’t notice it until it becomes time for preparing for the crawling stage. Suddenly corners, outlets we forgot were there, and rocky furniture we thought would be okay, become a huge problem. In the worst scenarios, they become dangerous. Here are some ways you can prefer for the crawling stage.

Crawling Stage

Deep Clean

Toddlers will try to get everything to their mouths. No matter what it is, or where they got it from. Often they’ll also try getting behind and into any sort of small space that they can. This means it’s a great idea to do a really deep clean behind your furniture, pull everything out, clean underneath and anywhere else where they can stick their hands. Whether you have carpets or luxury vinyl flooring, that will also need a deep clean. Hire an industrial carpet cleaning for the best results, and be sure to steam any vinyl, wooden, or tiled flooring. Just be cautious with keeping all these cleaning products safely away, locked, or out of reach completely. Often cleaning products are something we just keep around but you can’t do that anymore with the crawling stage.

Securing Furniture

Although you’ve probably done this with the obvious pieces, it’s never a bad idea to be overly cautious and secure everything you possibly can. What about the things in your furniture? Can you add a lock to the wardrobe door so that nothing flies out? Perhaps securing your books on the shelf with a safety accessory. There is something to protect your child from everything, find it, buy it, create it, just use it! The crawling stage is difficult enough but once they start using all the furniture to pull themselves up, you’ll start to see those problems.

Safety Gate Everywhere

Think wild animal that you have to keep enclosed in one space at a time. Have you ever blinked and your child has disappeared into another room? Now think about it again but add safety gates to every door and stairs. The crawling stage means your little one wants to explore as much and as fast as possible. With safety gates, your child can only go in the safe areas that you’ve opened. Obviously, you should always supervise your child, but occasionally we do need a second for ourselves, so a safety gate is quite literally that, for safety.

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