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*The Women Who Shaped Me

12th April 2019

I’ve got a huge family. Well not me and my little fam, I mean I come from a huge family.

My mother was one of fifteen children. Yes, FIFTEEN. I thought one baby was hard work, but my Nan was out there raising babies with a new one practically every year.

So this means a lot of aunties for me.

I have the older aunties, the much younger aunties, the kooky ones, the quiet ones, the loud ones, the ones that don’t feel like aunties at all, more like friends. I’ve grown up with a lot of aunties around me, influencing me, helping to raise me, encouraging me and supporting me. I’m incredibly lucky.

I wanted to talk today about the importance of an auntie in a child’s life; and how having aunties myself helped me so much.

Aunties are the ones to go to when you need advice from someone who cares, but won’t tell you what to do. Aunties are the ones who will tell things like it is. Aunties are the ones who you can call in times of trouble, without facing the wrath of the parents! Aunties are pretty brilliant, basically.

There were so many times growing up that I relied on my aunties for things. I can vividly remember confiding in one about boys I liked and who had kissed who, and how to know how to kiss a boy, etc. I’d have never have shared those details with my mum (sorry mum!), but my aunties were the ideal way to get grown up guidance when I needed it most. 

I also feel like my aunties shaped who I am; each one contributing to the person I became, in their own unique way. One helped me to explore my creative side for example, something I’ll forever be grateful for. Not many people in my whole family were Artistic, so I appreciated this more than I can say. Without that encouragement, I might not be in the job I’m in today!

So give thanks to your aunties, show aunties you care, and if you ever get the chance – aim to be a great one yourself! 🙂



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