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Baby Essentials With Snufflebabe* AD

8th May 2019

When you first have a baby, it can be really overwhelming to know what you’ll need to have in. Sure, there are the obvious things like the crib, the cute clothes, and all the feeding paraphernalia; but what about the other essentials to keep your baby feeling great? Babies are really susceptible to colds, and if anyone near them has the sniffles; chances are they will too! Snufflebabe provides an amazing range of truly wonderful products to help keep your baby feeling their very best, with more time to concentrate on snuggles!

When River was just FIVE weeks old, he actually caught a bad case of Bronchiolitis and he was admitted into hospital for almost a week. He was a little champ, and I was reassured over and over again that unfortunately it’s very common for young babies to get this, or at least the average cold going around. After he had gotten over the worst of it, we took him home and looked after him there, but he still had all the symptoms of a really nasty cold for a while afterwards. This is where Snufflebabe was such a help to us!

Very young babies can’t breathe through their mouth for the first few months (I never knew this until having River!), meaning that keeping their noses clean and clear is more important than ever. Snufflebabe have created a range of products you can use to do this, without being intrusive, and helping to keep your baby calm and happy. Snufflebabe products are developed with parents in mind by medical experts, to help babies breathe, eat and sleep much better.

So what products are in the range?


Snufflebabe Nasal Spray – From birth – £3.76 at Asda

The Nasal spray was easily my favourite and most used of all the Snufflebabe products, and we tried and tested this thoroughly back in December. It’s so easy to use, especially with wriggly babies. It’s a safe, gentle saline spray that provides instant relief for stuffy noses. You can use this as needed, and we found it especially useful to do before each feed, and before River went to sleep.

Snufflebabe Nasal Aspirator – From birth – £8 at Asda

Before I had a baby, I’d seen this product and was too grossed out to look into it further. However when your small baby has a cold and breathing is more laboured, you’ll try anything! And I’m SO GLAD I did! The nasal aspirator is so easy to use, and not intrusive at all. You simply hold the end near your babies nostrils (you don’t even have to put it in), and you suck on the other end. There is a chamber that traps any gunk, so there’s no worry of you getting a nasty surprise. This is an award winning product, and one of the best things I’d recommend to new parents!

Snufflebabe Nasal Drops – From birth – £2.75 at Asda

If you want an alternative to the nasal spray, as different babies will have their own little preferences; then the nasal drops are a key product. Using a gentle saline solution, a drop or two in your baby’s nostrils will offer instant relief! We absolutely love using these any time River has a cold, as it’s so easy to use.

Snufflebabe Vapour Oil – From birth – £7 at Asda

Once you’ve used the previous products for instant relief, it’s good to have something that can continue working and helping. The Snufflebabe vapour oil is perfect for this. It can be used with just a few drops added into warm water, and used as a room vapour. This is PERFECT to have in the same room where your baby will be sleeping, ensuring they get the very best nights sleep (and you too!).


There are so many reasons to get these essentials in for your baby. Colds can be caught all year round, a change in weather and temperature can have a big affect on your baby, and even things like hayfever have affect their breathing. So having Snufflebabe products in is really reassuring!

The Snufflebabe range also includes Vapour Rub, which can be used from 3 months old. This is an award winning, gentle, effective product; but always check with your doctor, health visitor or pharmacist before using, and always check the label. You can find all these Snufflebabe products in the following places; Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Morrisons, Boots, Superdrug and Chemist Direct. I’ve linked each one above to the Asda website and included their prices!


We’re so grateful to have a variety of options for our little one when he needs it most, and Snufflebabe are our first choice. Thank you so much to Snufflebabe for supporting us!

P.S – Check out my Instagram post to see the fun Royal baby themed gifts we were sent!



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