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Respect Your Bride to Be with These Great Stag Do Ideas

15th July 2019

Stag dos are designed to be an opportunity for you and your closest friends to celebrate the fact that you’re about to get married, as well as the friendships you share with each other that has led to you choosing them to share in your celebrations. Unfortunately, stag dos have developed a reputation for being a little sleazy thanks to the tendency of many visiting strip clubs and partaking in excessive drinking. They’ve become nothing short of a worry for the bride to be too, so here we provide some inspiration if you’re looking for a more respectable way to celebrate. 

Outdoor Adventure Day

An outdoor adventure day is a great way to let off some steam before the big day and has plenty of team-building opportunities for you and your groom’s party to help you all get in some practice before the big day. There are loads of activities to choose from; you could go white water rafting for an adrenalin-filled trip through choppy waters, or for a more relaxing experience you could all go canoeing. 

If you fancy something more land-based, how about getting some harnesses and helmets on and going abseiling down a cliff face together? The concentration this needs will give you a nice break from thinking about planning for the wedding, or how nervous you’re going to be!  Quad biking is another fun-filled activity for those who love the outdoors, particularly those who also love to mess around on fast vehicles, and for the ultimate team-building exercise you could try an assault course. 

Las Vegas

Chances are you have all tried your hand at gambling by now, especially as there are so many online sites to play on and enticing deals like Canadian low stakes play, but now maybe the best time to experience the real deal. Visiting Las Vegas is a trip that should be on everyone’s bucket list, not only for the world-leading casinos but also due to the multitude of other attractions that line the streets there. Las Vegas is home to its own replica of the Eiffel Tower, it has its own version of Venetian waterways complete with gondolas, and the fountains at the Bellagio are a world-famous feature that everyone should see. 

Sky Diving

As long as you and your friends have strong stomachs, sky diving is the ideal activity for a stag do. It is the ultimate experience you need if you want a break from wedding planning, as it will completely take your mind off your upcoming nuptials. It will also show you how capable you are of overcoming fear if you’re nervous about the big day; making it a walk in the park in comparison. It’s also another great team-building exercise for you and those you have chosen to support you. 


Stag dos don’t always have to follow the usual format; it’s important to make sure they reflect who you are, what you enjoy doing, and what you and your groom’s party feel comfortable doing. It is also important to consider the feelings of your partner in the run-up to an event that is going to legally bind you. Stag dos are a great opportunity to let your hair down and unwind before the big day, and if you need tips for that too, take a look at which can give you helpful hints and inspiration for your wedding.

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