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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

25th September 2019



Choosing the right Christmas presents can be hard, sometimes, and men can sometimes feel more difficult to buy for than women as it is harder to just fall back on things like perfume or bath bombs! If you’re already starting to think about the gifts you want to buy for your loved ones this Christmas, and have a husband or boyfriend who can be hard to buy for, here are three great ideas to help get you started on the way to a great 2019 holiday season!


  • An Experience


If you have the typical dilemma of a man who insists on gifts that are useful, but who also doesn’t seem to actually need anything in particular, then one great way around the problem can be to buy him an experience gift instead of an actual item. This can be something he has always wanted to do, with experience gift companies offering all kinds of stuff from driving an expensive supercar around a track or skydiving through to hot air balloon rides. Alternatively, it can just be something you do together, like going away for a weekend to a place he’s always wanted to visit or going to a really high-end restaurant if he’s a bit of a foodie. These kinds of gifts make for unique memories and can be really surprising and fun to receive.


  • Designer Sneakers


If the man in your life loves to look good (or if he doesn’t, and you’d like him to start wearing more stylish clothes!) then a pair of high-end sneakers can be a gift that is both luxurious and practical, given he will be able to wear them just about anywhere. Look at the men’s range of Givenchy sneakers at SSENSE to see some of the most fashionable and appealing high-end sneakers currently released. Givenchy sneakers are just one of the designer labels that you can find at SSENSE, which is also a great place to shop for women’s luxury fashion if you want to treat yourself as well as your partner!


  • A Gaming Chair


If your man is someone who loves playing video games, whether he’s into online gaming or getting lost in a single-player RPG, then a gaming chair can be a thoughtful and impressive gift. These chairs are designed to enhance the experience of playing console or PC games, by not only making him comfortable for long playing sessions but also providing great speaker sound and even some special effects like rumble. If you play games together, then why not invest in a pair of chairs and have fun enjoying them together – if you have the space for two, that is! Other gaming accessories like a gaming mouse or keyboard for PC gamers or a new high-end headset for online players can also be fantastic gift ideas.

These are just three ideas to start from if you are starting to plan what to buy the man you love for Christmas this year!





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