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[AD] What to Look for in Your Child’s Lunchbox Snacks

14th October 2019


One of the biggest questions facing any parent is what their children should eat. With so many edibles on the market, it can be hard to know what to choose to put in your child’s lunchbox each day. That can be especially difficult in the world of lunchbox edibles, where information can be vague and the penchant for misinformation high.

So, what should you be looking for in snacks to pack for your child before school?

Snacks for Parents and Kids on the Go

One of the most important factors in choosing what makes its way into your child’s lunchbox is convenience. Packing your child’s lunch is just one of many things you have to do to get them ready for school, to say nothing of all the other errands and tasks that need doing on any given day. You need a snack that doesn’t take long to pack. Small, tightly-sealed foodstuffs require no fuss beyond simply placing them in the lunchbox.

Portability is one of the most important ingredients for any lunchbox snacks.

True portability means being able to eat the food on the go. It also means being able to chow down without making a mess – definitely a favourite selling point for parents. What’s more, it has to fit nicely in a lunchbox.

Items such as these, including assorted cheese snacks such as Cheeshapes, and Yollies (on the go yoghurt lollies) fit the bill here nicely.

Low Calorie Options

It is no secret that one of the great health crises facing children in the UK, US, and EU is a greater propensity for obesity. This is due in part to far too many children’s snack foods being unhealthy. It is perfectly natural for growing children to be hungry and want to enjoy a snack during the day. What’s more problematic is when those snacks are bursting with sugar, fat, and yes, calories.

That’s why you’ll want to look for lunchbox snacks which are low in calories. For example, Kerry Foods’ Cheeshapes boast only 71 calories. They also come packed with calcium and vitamin D. That’s a decent amount of nutrition paired with fewer calories and a low sugar and fat content. Yollies, likewise, boast vitamin D and only 50 calories. If you’re in doubt, you could always get a nutrition test to make sure your child is getting the right things they need and to see if they’re low on anything. 

Regular Purchases

Your morning routine is likely already a highly-scripted affair. However well you’re able to stick to that script day to day, you at least have a plan for how you want the morning to go. Of course, we’re all still waking up in the morning, so the easier your routine, the better.

When it comes to packing your child’s lunch for school, that means having a standard set of foodstuffs to give them day after day. While no one wants to eat the same thing every day, there is plenty of variety among major sellers such as Kerry Foods to shake things up a bit. 

You’ll also want to make sure that, when shopping, you can buy the same convenient school foods week in and week out. That’s certainly the case with these cheese options, with the most popular reaching more than 27,000 households across the UK purchasing them last year.

All of these factors add up to a healthy set of options for parents shopping for school-friendly lunchbox snack foods for their children.




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