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5 Steps To A Great Nights Sleep

6th November 2019

It’s been almost a year since having a baby, and that means I understand the importance of sleep more than ever. And I have a pretty lucky time since our little one has slept through the night 95% of the time since he was six weeks old. But still, having a baby makes you truly look forward to getting a great sleep.

So how can you make the most of those precious few hours in dreamland? I’ve put together some tips, and hope it helps!


The perfect bed

Obviously, start with the perfect bed! A dreamy mattress that works for you is key. I prefer a softer mattress that I can sink into, with lots of pillows. Making sure your bed is the ultimate dream space to snuggle into, makes a huge difference to the quality of your sleep. I’ve recently fallen in love with – which offers a range of products sure to boost those zzz’s! I’m especially keen on their headboards, they look so plush and luxurious, and finish off a bed beautifully. We need to invest in one soon, and I think I’m going to go for a grey upholstered one!

Making a zen space

If you really want to maximise your sleep, I recommend making the bedroom the most chilled and inviting place you can. Think about cosy lighting, tidy away all clutter, create a little bedside table nook for candles, books, and maybe an eye mask. Try to make it a rule that you won’t use your phone/laptop or any other screen before bedtime; and it’ll soon become a place you instantly relax in, and associate with sleep. No more wasting an hour scrolling Twitter before bed!

The perfect pjs

I love an excuse to buy new pyjamas, and that’s another way you can get the most out of your bedtime routine. Have some fresh, new pyjamas laid out waiting for you! The cosier the better, now that the cold weather is here.

Pamper yourself

One of the best things I’ve started doing each night, is getting out of the shower and starting a little pamper routine in the bedroom. I’ll dry my hair, put on those fresh pjs, pop on a face mask, and paint my nails. Whatever you do for your pamper routine is up to you, but making it a nightly routine makes all the difference! You’ll feel more relaxed than ever before bed.

Cut caffeine

Finally, an obvious one; but one I definitely need to remind myself of all the time. No caffeine in the hours running up to bedtime. Instead drink plenty of water, or a warm milk if you want ultimate cosy vibes. I’m so terrible for drinking coffee or energy drinks around the clock (oh dear), but I’m definitely keen to stop this. I’ve even set an alarm on my phone, reminding me not to drink anymore after 5pm! It might sound intense, but it makes such a difference.


And there we have it! Five easy but WONDERFUL tips to making sure you have a great nights sleep!

Do you guys have any more tips?



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