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Everything you need to know about car warranties 

26th January 2020

Most expensive things in life require some form of insurance in-order to ensure that they are protected and covered if something bad happens, and it is no different for your car. 

Having car warranty is in essence having an insurance policy for your vehicle. Whether you buy a brand-new car or a used one, even if the vehicle is in good nick, it’s nice to have the peace of mind that the vehicle will be repaired if any major faults are found. When this happens, that’s when a warranty comes in handy

What is car warranty? 

First of all, what exactly is car warranty? Well it’s a form of insurance, if your car breaks down or certain parts stop working then it will be sent off and fixed without you having to pay out for it. 

When you buy a brand-new car then it is inevitable that you will receive a warranty from the dealership that will offer a safe haven so that you can have peace of mind driving off in your new car. However, that isn’t to say that you can’t get a warranty for a used vehicle, extended car warranty exists for these situations. 

Different types of car warranty 

There are several different types of car warranty depending on whether you choose to buy a new or used vehicle. 

If you buy a car brand new then the manufacturer will offer a warranty, usually around three to five years. Some companies offer longer warranty periods in-order to draw the customer into a good deal which may give peace of mind. In these cases, it is usually the large components such as the engine and transmission that are covered, not general wear and tear. 

Other options arise if you choose to purchase a used vehicle. If the vehicle is bought from a dealership then they might offer their own form of warranty. These usually last three to twelve months and will cover similar parts to a brand-new vehicle’s warranty. Likewise, you may also choose a third-party and find the best deal for you. When it comes to choosing a warranty for a used-vehicle then you need to be sure that you check what exactly is covered as you can pay a higher price for a better warranty. 

Inclusions and exclusions  

First, let’s look at the things that aren’t usually included in a car warranty: 

-Wear and tear
-Tyres and wheels
-Car batteries
-Poor mechanical work
-Fixing parts that haven’t been broken

Parts that are often covered in a car warranty include: 

-Air conditioning
-Ignition systems
-Suspension and steering 

Once you know exactly what is covered in car warranty you can start to look at the best deal depending on your circumstances. And, if you are looking to make a claim, you know whether or not the damage that has been done can be repaired through warranty. 

If you do need to claim, the process is often easy, especially if your warranty came as the result of purchasing a new vehicle. The circumstances are usually the same if you bought a second-hand car at a franchised dealership. Problems may only possibly occur if you purchased a warranty through a third party, where they may ask for proof of a problem and on top of this request that you go to a specifically certified garage to have the procedures done. 

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