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AD – Creating an Experience as a Small Business Owner

25th February 2020

I absolutely love being a small business owner, although it can be difficult at times the joy I get from sending happy mail makes it all worth it. From prints to pins and badges, I love to create cute bits and pieces. Today I thought I’d share with you my tips for creating the ultimate happy mail package and building the perfect unboxing experience with ease because sharing is caring right? 

Go that extra mile

If you’re a small biz owner like myself, you’ll want to aim to get returning customers. As it means you’re doing a good job in what you do, I hope I am! So when it comes to packaging up items, it’s an awesome idea to include a personal touch such as a handwritten note or even some confetti. 

If you fancy checking out some of the super cute prints I have for sale at the moment you can find my shop over at Big Cartel

Send in suitable packaging

Tips for using the perfect packaging is something I’ve learnt over the years, often companies are guilty of using too much packaging or the wrong type. Whether a box it’s stuffed to the brim with bubble wrap or a plastic envelope. There are better alternatives on the market which are actually super reasonable in price. 

As an example, using a cardboard box from Lil Packaging can be a great way to send items out as they offer plenty of different sizes so your items are firmly in place to prevent breakages. Lil Packaging who have some amazing packaging options are also great as all of their boxes are made from recycled material so you know they’re good to go.  

Send extra freebies

Each time a customer opens a parcel, you want to make them feel appreciated for their order so why not show them, whether you include sweets, an extra item from your shop e.g. a sticker or a discount code for their next order. By inviting people via a discount code to take part in your business shows that you’re grateful for their custom. As much as I’d love to go and hug you all, sadly I can’t! Some ideas for a discount code could be 10% off your next order or free delivery. 


Whether you’re looking to start your own business or improve on a different one, it’s important to remember the unboxing experience can be as important to the customer as the actual item itself. So why not give it a go? 

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