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How to Remove Unpleasant Odor from Your Carpet

24th February 2020

With all its advantages, carpet products have one unpleasant feature – they absorb odors. And not only absorb, but also hold these odors for a long time, as getting rid of the smell on the carpet can be very difficult. Carpet cleaning can be a problem, especially if you do not take into account the properties of the material from which it is made. 

Bad Smell from a Brand New Carpet

A slight chemical smell from a new rug is a typical problem. It is secreted by residues of adhesive, dye and other substances, which were used in the manufacturing process. Usually, the smell of a new carpet disappears in a few days by itself, but if it bothers you, speed up this process in one of the following ways:

Hang the rug outside for ventilation, but be careful not to get wet in the rain.

Spread the carpet on the floor and sprinkle the pile with baking soda or coarse salt. After a few hours, remove the soda or salt with a vacuum cleaner.

Removing Cigarette Smoke Odor from the Carpet

Aromatic processing of carpet products is effective only after removal of the original odor, otherwise, it can become even more unpleasant. Removing a persistent tobacco “aroma” is just as difficult as getting rid of the smell of old cat urine on the carpet. Therefore, you may need to process several times.

So, how to remove the smell of tobacco smoke from a carpet of artificial materials:

An acrylic product, like yours, will not be damaged by wet cleaning. Dilute the vinegar to 3% concentration and spray the pile from the spray until the base is wet. While drying the carpet, ventilate the room.

How to get rid of the smell of tobacco on a carpet of natural materials:

If the pile is dark in color, scatter the crushed charcoal on the carpet surface, roll the product into a roll and seal it tightly (wrap it with plastic wrap) for several hours. Repeat the operation until the smell disappears completely.

Spread dry cat litter on the surface of the carpet, roll the product into a roll and wrap it with plastic wrap. After a few hours, check the result. Repeat until odor is completely eliminated.

How to Remove Smell of Mold from Your Carpet?

A damp carpet product must be completely dried and ventilated. If mold did not hit him, the smell of dampness will disappear over time. If it persists even after drying, most likely a mold has started on the carpet. And first of all, it is necessary to deal with it, since it will not be possible to remove the smell from the carpet without eliminating the cause.

Be careful as any mold is potentially harmful to human health. Moldy carpets must not be knocked out by a clapperboard or vacuum cleaned to prevent dispersion of spores.

The presence of mold on the carpet often gives off exactly the smell, since visible foci can be hidden in the depth of the pile. If you feel it in a small area, treat this area with a strong soda solution or a special fungicidal preparation. And then – hand over the product to professional carpet cleaning Enfield.

Large molds, especially common throughout the product, are useless to remove, since it is impossible to completely remove this smell from the carpet. Such a carpet can only be thrown away.

If you want to truly eliminate the existing problem with unpleasant carpet smell, you need to turn to professional carpet cleaning experts. Of course, there is a large number of carpet cleaning London operating companies. You have to spend some time, comparing their services and the qualities of the products they are using. 

In general, there are two major types of deep carpet cleaning procedures – steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning. While the dry cleaning method offers surface removal of dirt, hot water extraction carpet cleaning guarantees 100 % positive results when coping with germs, allergens and even mold. Carpet steam cleaning is the most effective way of solving the problem with bad smell, coming from the carpet. And what is more – it is completely safe method for domestic carpet cleaning.

Hopefully, our advices will be the aid you need for removing unpleasant carpet odor. However, do not forget that you should use professional services at least once a year to keep your carpet in good condition.

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