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How to sell a number plate online

18th February 2020

Whilst you may want to keep your number plate forever, transferring it from car to car, you may also decide that the time has come to sell on your number plate to someone else. The good news is that no matter what your number plate is, you can sell it on. There are a variety of methods that you can use to sell them and which one you choose will really depend on you, your number plate and just how popular it is likely to be. 

Want to know more about selling a number plate online? Here is what you need to know. 

Can I sell a number plate?

Whether you have a private number plate that you want to sell on, or you are selling on the number plate that came with your car, you are able to sell both of these online. The important that you remember is that your number plate is going to have a different value attached to it, depending on what it says.

Standard number plates which are issued by the DVLA are not going to attract as high a price as those that are able to offer something unique. You may find that the best way to value your number plate and make sure that you get the right money is to take a look online and find a value calculator that you can use. 

How do I sell a number plate online? 

Once you know just how much your number plate is likely to get if you sell it, then you are going to want to find the best way to actually sell it on. Of course, the simplest thing to do is to pop it on a place such as eBay, but the chances are that you might not get the most interest for what you are trying to sell and then in turn not get the right price. 

The good news is that there are websites out there that are designed to bring together those people who are looking to buy a personalised number plate, with those who are looking to sell them on. 

Not only do they help you to advertise your number plate, but also will ensure that you have a safe forum to communicate with those potential buyers, answer queries and of course, transfer money when it comes to the sale. All things that are going to be incredibly important when it comes to selling your number plate on and finding a new owner for it. 

If the time has come to sell on your private number plate, don’t hold onto it longer than you need to. Take a look at the great ways that you can sell them on and raise your funds. Make sure that someone else gets to enjoy just how awesome it can be to drive around with a personalised number plate and that they get to show off their 100% unique car with pride.

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