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How To Create A Colourful Wardrobe

2nd March 2020

My hair has now been every colour imaginable, my job involves bright and colourful creations and I love wearing colourful clothes to match. I find that colours help me represent my style and personality. Although I’m not quite there when it comes to prints, I do love a block bright colour. A lot of people stray away from colours, especially bold ones, so here’s how to create a colourful wardrobe.

Start With Basics
Starting with the basics means you start with stuff you always wear and add colour to those. For example, if you’re always in a t-shirt and jeans, try colourful accessories. Try looking at a range of outfits for women, and see what they accessorise with. A bright bold scarf would be great in this weather, or a bright bag. Start by getting used to bright accessories and just having that colour around you. Once you start to like your new colourful accessories you can move on.

Favourite item

What’s your favourite item of clothing to wear? A dress? T-shirt? Skirts? Think about your favourite and go bright with it! By wearing something that you already really like, but changing the colour, you’re already halfway there to liking this new item too. Plus you’ll feel more comfortable than if you’re a strictly dress person and try out a bright coloured pair of jeans, or vice versa.


Once you’re comfortable with your colourful wardrobe, try a monochrome look. An outfit that is all the same colour (but slightly different tones) with different styles, textures and fabrics. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve and just how good it looks! Although it does take a little practice, of course, you don’t have to just do monochrome, you can use a few colours and repeat them in your accessories or even, your hair colour!

Clash Prints

This is an expert level of building a colourful wardrobe. Clash those prints! Fashion is meant to be fun, ignore any rules and create your own style. I see people all the time clashing prints and they look absolutely amazing, this is definitely something I want to try next. Now that my hair is brown I’m thinking of trying leopard print properly and buying more of it!

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