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Nearly New Car Guide

19th March 2020



Nearly new cars – what are they? How do you distinguish the difference between brand-new and nearly new? We’re here to answer all these questions, and more you may have about nearly new cars.

Nearly new cars terminology

These types of cars have usually been in the care of the dealerships and businesses rather than individual people.

Pre-registered cars

Pre-registered cars (also known as pre-reg) have only been owned by a dealer to make a manufacturers’ sales quota.

Those types of cars are usually:

  • Between three to six months’ old
  • Don’t have any mileage except delivery
  • Have never left the showroom

Ex-demo cars

You will also find ex-demo models that have been used for test-drives. However, they have higher specification trims to test the car’s full potential.

Ex-fleet cars

Ex-fleet vehicles have been business-owned and usually are in excellent condition.

They are cheaper than brand-new cars

You can always expect them to be more affordable than brand-new. At Stoneacre nearly new cars are up to 25% cheaper than new which offers massive savings. You can choose from a variety of colours, models, and trims from the popular cars.

Depreciation is not a big worry

If you compare to new cars that lose 1/5 of their value in the first year, nearly new cars don’t depreciate as quickly. They’ve had a previous owner beforehand and been affected by a depreciation already which makes the cars more affordable when purchasing.









Q: What’s the main difference between new and nearly new cars?

A: New cars are that – new and fresh off the factory, but that comes with a hefty price tag. Meanwhile, nearly new are cheaper and have been owned by mainly dealerships.


Q: Why buy a nearly new car?

A: Nearly new cars offer price reductions, as well as a perk that it has never been driven before. However, be aware that the manufacturer’s warranty starts when the car is already at a dealership. It means that you’ll get less than the original warranty.

And here you have it – a quick and simple nearly new car guide. Hopefully, it’s been helpful and clarified what nearly new cars are.



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