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What I’d Buy If I Won The Lottery

30th March 2020
Like most people, I often think about what I’d buy if I won the lottery. I have thought of just about everything practical if I won a small amount and then really out there and unrealistic things if I won millions and millions. It’s a fun way to pass the time! The first thing I would do is to pay off any outstanding debts and credit cards that me and my family have. Then I’d stretch to friends to make sure all of my loved ones have a clean slate. I’m such a big family person so this would be really important to me, to make sure everyone is financially better off. After practicalities are out of the way then that’s where the fun would start to happen. So what would I buy if I won the Lotto jackpot?

Yep, that’s right, plural! I’d make sure that we have comfortable houses both near my parents and near my partners. Unless we could get our families to move closer to each other instead! That would be the dream to have everyone close together to see our little River grow up. Houses for anyone who wanted to move! I wouldn’t go too big and materialistic, we don’t need rooms we’ll never use but a house big enough for a proper office space for me to work would be amazing.

Assuming we had won enough so we could take a break from working. I would book as many holidays as possible! I would love to take my son to Disneyworld or Disneyland and go on as many adventures as we could! It wouldn’t just be us three though, I would love to take the entire family on holiday and rent one of those big villas in an exotic and hot location and just chill out by the side of the pool all day.

New Wheels
You can’t win the lottery without buying a new car or two! I would make sure that everyone has a new and reliable car, I’m not talking about a fleet of fast cars. I just want my loved ones to be able to get around safely!

Donate Money
If I won enough to be able to look after my friends and family and still had a lot left over, after doing sensible things like setting up savings accounts and investing, I would definitely be donating to charities and people who needed it. I’m all about giving back and helping others.

How would you spend a lotto jackpot win?

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