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5 Ways to Redecorate During Lockdown

15th May 2020

There has never been a better time to redecorate your home with the lockdown forcing people to spend time at home and this can be a good way to stay busy and be creative during this challenging time. There are many simple ways that you can freshen up your home during the lockdown and this could make a big difference to how you feel while you are at home – read on for a few ideas.

  1. Fresh Paint

One of the most obvious ways to redecorate which will make a big difference to the home is to paint the walls. This is cheap, easy and there are all kinds of options that you could go for to completely transform a space whether this is a totally new colour scheme, a statement wall or opting for a lighter colour to make space seem bigger and brighter. You could even refresh by painting skirting boards, they’re often overlooked but a fresh skirting board can really transform and finish a room. 


  1. Update Your Furniture

Seeing as people are spending more time at home, you might find that updating your furniture can make the home more comfortable and practical while also adding style and visual interest. A bedside table can transform your bedroom along with all kinds of other pieces to revitalize all areas of the home and give the space a new look and feel.


  1. Rearranging

Another way to breathe new life into the home is simply to rearrange the furniture that you have in different rooms. It is amazing the difference that this can make and this is an option where you do not even have to spend any money, plus you might find that rearranging can give you more space to enjoy.


  1. Make Your Own Art

Artwork is a way to add personality, style and visual appeal to the home and there has never been a better time to make your own art to place proudly around the home and this can be a good family activity and way to spend time during the lockdown. This could be black and white photographs, sketches, paintings or any other type of art form which will add style to the home.


  1. Plants

House plants are always a good way to bring some colour and life into the home but it is a particularly good idea currently when people are no longer able to spend as much time outside. Plants are proven to have mental health benefits, plus they can make a space look much more welcoming and attractive so they are a smart way to redecorate during the lockdown.


Now is the perfect time to redecorate the home and hopefully, this post will give you a few ways that you can refresh the home, be creative and improve the look and feel of your house.

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