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Tired of Outdated Decor? Here’s How To Modernise Without Buying New

18th May 2020

Has it been a while since you bought something new in your home? Getting a little fed up of the outdated decor? If it’s not broken, then there is no need to replace it! Plus furniture is super expensive now and you can easily turn something you hate, into a piece others would love to have. Here’s how to modernise without buying new.

Repaint Furniture

Turn your outdated furniture into new modern and possibly even futuristic pieces with a splash of paint. That’s right, paint! Right now there are so many people going viral for repainting their tired old kitchens with bright or modern colours. Not only does it give the thing you’re painting a new lease of life, but you can completely transform a space. Painting wardrobes and vanity units can be super easy and obvious, but have you seen people painting their leather furniture? Like sofas? It’s happening and they look amazing!

Re-Stain Wood

From wooden doors to solid wood floors, any wood in your home can be sanded down and restrained a different colour. You could go lighter and brighter, you could go deeper and more defined. It’s completely up to you and there are so many options! You could even paint wood too but if you restrain the wood it gives you the option to do that again, whereas getting paint from wood is a tricky and messy job. 


Now I know you might not have been expecting this one, but lots of clutter can definitely make space feel older and neglected. Have a good clear out, really declutter from your furniture to your possessions. Only keep things that bring joy or that have a place. Move things around, perhaps where you have one too many mirrors in one room, another room would look great with it. You could always spray paint the edges of mirrors too with gold to give them a modern, glamorous look.

Just be sure that with any painting, spraying, or staining that you patch test first! If you’re not quite sure on permanently painting something, why not try those vinyl stick one that everyone loves? You can transform bathrooms, kitchens, use them on furniture tops and so much more! The world is your oyster, you just have to get creative.

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