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Getting Your Kids To Sleep – 3 Easy Changes To Make

15th July 2020

Getting Your Kids To Sleep – 3 Easy Changes To Make

As soon as you become a parent, all your family and friends will congratulate you, before taking a deep breath and telling you to say goodbye to your sleep schedule. It’s simply a fact that it’s a pain to get most kids to sleep and an even bigger pain to try get them to stay asleep.

So, if you’ve had enough of sleepless nights and early starts and want to reclaim the night for your sleep, there are a few simple changes you can make to your home and your schedule to help encourage your little ones to sleep and stay asleep.

  • Structure A Sleep Routine

The human body (especially for children) needs routine and structure to flourish, whilst most advice on sleep routines say to ensure you put your child to sleep and wake them up at regular times, so that they can get into the routine of sleep, you can go further than just setting a bed time.

Getting ready for bed is a ritual that is much longer than just getting into bed, before it’s time to sleep we’ll usually have wash, brush our teeth, put our pajamas on and then relax for a while before getting in bed. All these activities should be schooled into your child’s sleep schedule. By doing all these activities on a regular schedule, your child will associate them with getting ready for bed and then by bed time, they’ll be in the right headspace to drift off.

  • Reduce Noise And Light Pollution

If there are two things that make getting to sleep hard, it’s noise and light from the outside world leaking into the bedroom. If you find it hard to get to sleep with the sounds of passing cars and the light from streetlamps, so will your child.

To stop both of these issues, thick blackout roller blinds are a godsend, not only will blackouts stop any light from outside leaking into your child’s room, they will also dampen any sound outside. This creates the perfect sleep environment for your child to sleep and reduces the odds of them being roused in the night by sound or noise pollution. Blackouts are also great for sleep starved parents, with them in your room, you’ll also get the great sleep that you’re looking for. 

  • Screens Off

If you remember your Secondary School Biology, you’ll know that melatonin is a chemical which is important for getting humans to sleep and is produced by the human body when it’s dark out. This plays into our natural sleep cycle, as obviously, when it’s dark out it is sleep time.

But research from 2011 found that light from the screens of electronic devices such as iPads and TVs interferes with the production of melatonin and using a bright screen before bed can keep your child up for an extra 30-60 minutes. So by having a no electronics before bed policy can help get your little one to sleep on time, we’d recommend turning off any screens they would use around 2 hours before bed time. 



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