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Laser On, Hair Gone

17th August 2020


So far, getting rid of unwanted hair was always a woman thing. Laser hair removal for men was so far unheard of. Unless you are a bodybuilder, a model or a cyclist, lasers for men is not really popular. For a lot of men who swear by the presence of hair being a sign of being manly, only got to the extent of severing hair where it’s not needed; like the chest and the back for example.

And there are still others who spend a lot of time at a Spa getting, for example, some amount of waxing done. With lasers changing the beauty game, laser hair removal for men has also strengthened its roots. While a lot of the men usually look at chest hair or hair on the back to be the area of laser hair removal for men; a small amount of them are also reluctantly looking for the genital hair portions. The concern really is health-related; how it would or would not affect their erectile health or even male fertility for that matter. Here are some of the options most men undertake before heading for lasers.


Interestingly, men have taken to waxing with a twist. The option uses soy waxes; a mildly thick creamy layer that is applied to the skin and stripped off with strips of cotton once the mixture almost dries on the skin. While this may not be such a popular trend, there are a lot of takers.


A method of permanent hair removal before lasers took on the world is electrolysis. Using a really slim needle for the method that slices through the skin’s layers, electrolysis uses tiny electric shocks loosening and killing the cells that produce hair.

Lasers and their magic areas

Laser hair removal for men got popular much later, and as the trend caught up, it did so with great gusto. The use of light to penetrate the hair shaft and killing the hair root was something that was to be tried. The use of lasers was accepted on areas like the chest, stomach, shoulders and genital areas. Battling a lot of misconceptions like having more body hair could make you look less hygienic; men have managed to tackle their problem areas with laser for easing the load of looking great. The most popular areas for laser hair removal for men is on their facial hair.

In order to make shaving easier, lasers are perhaps the only procedure that can ease their pain of Pseudofolliculitis barbae, a medical condition that mars most of them with red or dark follicles that are a constant due to regular shaving. Lasers are also great with men who suffer from recurrent folliculitis; a condition where inflamed hair follicles appear on the face as tiny beaded white-headed pimples. There are some who prefer to go in for lasers on their head. Their take is to get a bald head instead of recurring scanty hair patches.

Lasers are super useful for those who are truly hassled by the unruly growth of hair on areas that need to be kept clean. There are also effects of hair being completely cleared by about 50- 85 per cent due to lasers; so the premise of lasers is promising.



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