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A Look At Great Ways To Have Fun In Quarantine

1st October 2020

Staying home is actually good news; making time to clear all those outstanding jobs that have been on your to-do list forever. So start with the practical and go on to leisure. Let’s begin with a tech tidy up to make room for fun, and perhaps find your favorite new website online.

Clear Your Inbox

I know this doesn’t sound like fun, but it’s a great way to get some satisfaction when you work hard because you can then play hard without feeling guilty. Plus, I bet you’ve been meaning to do this job forever.

So, I’m passing on my hard-earned tips to help you achieve an empty inbox – and not by pressing the delete button. Get on top of your emails quickly with these easy hacks.

Email Rules

This handy tool works when you have emails in your inbox that you don’t need to read but you need to keep.

Creating rules is a standard feature on Gmail, Outlook and Apple Mail, you can create a set of rules that help you manage your messages. For example, you can highlight a message from a specific person or even specific words to move the emails to subfolders or designated mailboxes.

This doesn’t help you answer the emails but it does get them out of your inbox.

Prioritise your Emails

One of the most important rules of time management is to separate the important from the urgent. Only by prioritising your emails and answering only the most important messages, can you dramatically increase your productivity.

Answer in batches: it’s a bit like batch cooking, do it all at once to save time later. For example, if a colleague has sent you five emails all about different things, answer in one email taking each subject in turn and replying in bullet points. You may find three out of five points are about similar subjects.

Unsubscribe to Unwanted Emails

Just because you once bought a light-duty door closer or a 26 piece screwdriver set doesn’t mean you need to be inundated with emails about future offers. This has to be the quickest way to empty your inbox.

Set up a monthly unsubscribe, go through the emails you receive and get rid of those companies you’re no longer interested in.

Luckily email correspondence offers a way to unsubscribe and this is exactly what you should do. The time spent is well worth it for an empty inbox, plus you won’t miss any amazing offers from companies you are interested in. You’ve worked hard, now let’s look at the fun stuff.

Sort Out Your Wardrobe 

Sale season is upon us; online shopping is now a way of life. The fact is the shops are full of items that haven’t sold because we can’t visit the shopping centre or high street. This means there are great bargains to be had. Firstly:

Go through your wardrobe, take everything out and put it on the floor. Pick up each item and have a good look at it. How does it make you feel? Does it have holes, missing buttons or does it look generally unloved? If the answer is yes, you have three options.

Create three piles – keep, sell or send to the charity shop. Only keep the items that you have worn in the last nine months. If you haven’t worn it during that time the chances are you won’t wear it.

Only keep items that you love and bring you joy – this is the exception to the nine-month rule. 

Don’t keep anything that doesn’t fit, you won’t ‘slim’ into it, and every time you see those tiny jeans in your wardrobe you will just beat yourself up. So get rid of them and don’t feel guilty, life is too short to wear uncomfortable clothes.

Put all good, clean quality items aside to sell. There are plenty of sites that sell preloved and vintage items and think of it as recycling – you sell something you don’t want anymore and you but something in the sales that you love. 

If you’re clever about it you can actually get to the point where you never spend any real cash

Take a bag to the charity shop – when they open again. Make sure the items are clean and in generally good condition; no-one wants stained or ripped items, they should go to the fabric recycling collections. I bet you feel great now you’ve sorted that out?

Join An Online Club

There are online clubs and forums for anything, but there are some great ones to share shopping tips. After all, everyone loves a bargain and if you bag something great let everyone know about it. 

No matter how niche your ideas are, someone else has had similar aspirations; and if all of the above is not for you and you’re stuck for ideas, ask the forum as that is what they are there for.

There are always great things online, new ways to spend your time. Even try an online casino for some fun, get a 22bet Kenya login and start today! 

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