2 Ladies Inspiring Me Lately

If there’s one thing I need lately, it’s a blast of inspiration right in the face! After desperately needing something new, exciting and wildly different; there are two ladies who have come to my rescue. Both doing different things, but both motivating me and giving me fresh perspective and inspiration! You should definitely check out both of these amazing creators, you won’t be sorry!


Laura Jane WilliamsBlogger, author and all around social media guru; Laura is a huge inspiration for me. last month her book ‘Becoming Laura Jane Williams’ landed in my mailbox, and it was a breath of fresh air. Absolutely hilarious, honest, raw, emotional and oh-too-real; this book is a damn treasure. It’s something I know I’ll turn to when I feel like everything’s going wrong, and it’s at it’s absolute worst. A friendly reminder, that it’ll be ok, and we’re never doing as bad as we think!


Erin Charlotte – Ex-blogger, poet, writer, podcaster, and all around damn awesome girl. Erin has been one of my favourite bloggers in the past, and although I was sad when she quit blogging, I totally got why she did! Her poetry really inspires me, and it feels so good to know someone so passionate and creative; especially when I get to call her a friend. The best news ever though? Erin’s started a podcast! She chats about her life, her inspirations, poetry, music, TV and more! She keeps worrying that ‘it’s crap’ and this scares me that she won’t continue them, so PLEASE go listen to how amazing they are, and then tell her! I am absolutely loving them and have found listening to them so motivating so far, when I’m working šŸ™‚


There are so many more people who regularly inspire me, and you can expect to see more of them soon! I’d love to start regular inspiration ‘hot picks’ types of post šŸ™‚


Who has been inspiring you guys lately?




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  • Sharon Reid

    I’m always on the look out for new ways to inspire me. I’ve seen this book around a lot on social media, so it’s definitely one I’m going to get. I’ve just followed Laura Jane Williams on twitter.
    Ooh a new podcast for me to listen to, sounds like Erin Charlotte is the one!

    Sharon x


  • nicole

    Erin is doing amazing at the moment! I used to love her blog so much so I’m definitely going to go and listen to her podcast once I’ve finished listening to the latest episode of yours xx


  • This is such a lovely post. I need to buy that book! I’ve been hearing only good things about it <3 xo