5 Ways To Spoil Yourself Today*

Sometimes I work myself too hard, if I’m being completely honest. I feel guilty whenever I’m not working, and I’m always trying to be productive in one way or another. It’s actually gotten so bad that I struggle to watch film any more. The mere act of sitting still and not doing anything but watch, kills me. I’m trying to change this though, as I know it’s not good that I can’t relax!

With that in mind, I’m really trying to find small ways to spoil myself, and give myself a bit if a break. So I thought today I’d share with you 5 ways you guys can also spoil yourselves!

1. Have a well deserved treat – Is there anything nicer than a yummy treat at the end of a long day? Or having something a bit naughty that you’d usually feel guilty about? Dr Oetker * are the creators of so many amazing yummy treats, like these Pud in a Mug* samples I was kindly sent out. Dr Oetker are the perfect go-to brand for all things baking, and you’ve probably seen them on the shelves of your local supermarket. So whether your whipping up your own amazing cupcakes, or want a quick and easy treat for yourself; Dr Oetker have everything you need! Personally, I LOVE baking and trying new things, but I’m crap at it to be brutally honest. So these pud in a mug treats are perfect for me, as they’re so easy to make! They take less than two minutes to make, and you need nothing except a mug (duh), a spoon, milk and then microwave! SUPER EASY guys. Thoroughly recommend you treat yourself.

2. Buy a whole new bedding set and some silky pjs – Isn’t it crazy how new bedding and silky pjs can make you feel like a total GODDESS?! Fresh sheets, new pillows, and the cutest pjs around make me feel so much better when getting into bed at night after a long day.

3. Have a day/night off – This is definitely the hardest one for me, but most needed! When I really need to spoil myself, I take a night off. Even if it means I simply stop working a little earlier than usual, it means I have a whole evening totally free to enjoy without responsibility then. Now that it’s getting into Summer I love taking nice long evening walks with Gary, and it really clears my head.

4. Add to your makeup collection – Okay so I’m desperately trying NOT to do this at the moment; but it does feel wonderful to treat yourself doesn’t it?! I’m only purchasing items that I truly LOVE or feel I need right now, and when I do it feels even more special. Why not treat yourself to that sought after new palette, or even just a lipstick?! You deserve it 😉

5. Have the most luxurious bubble bath (or cold shower!) – I was going to talk about how wonderful a luxurious bubble bath can be, and how great it can make you feel. However, with the current heat wave we’re experiencing in the UK, I think a cold shower is probably most preferred right now! And in this heat, a freezing cold shower in the middle of the day can feel like a god send! 🙂

Remember you can treat yourself to all of Dr Oetker’s range online here!*


How do you guys like to spoil yourselves? 🙂



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