Skincare Hero: Sonic Facial Cleanser & Massager

As someone who regularly stares at my pores in a magnifying mirror, obsessing over every inch of my skin; it’s fair to say I love any product that promises to help clear things up. Lotions, potions, tools and tricks – I’ll try them all! Just make my skin look beautifully porcelain, will ya?!

So when I was recently offered the chance to try out the Sonic Facial Cleanser & Massager*; I jumped at the chance! This costs £25.99 and promises to massage your face gently, lift away 99.5% of dirt and oil, and give a healthy glow to your skin.

This bad boy works by producing 8000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute; which basically means it pulses firmly but gently and helps scrub up your skin nicely. The massager itself is a silicone handheld tool, and you simply charge it up, and then its ready to go. The waterproof design means that you can take this into the shower with you too, which I found to be the handiest part of this, for sure! It means I remember to use it then every time, as it sits next to my cleanser and face scrubs.

So what did I think?

My first thought upon trying this tool was, ‘WOW’. The vibration strength that you can go to with this thing is seriously impressive. I mean, so much so that I couldn’t help but think it competed with another popular women’s tool; if you get my drift..! Thankfully, the pulse settings can be changed, with really useful up and down buttons. So you can find the perfect setting for your skin. That’s great for me, as I have sensitive skin and I can sometimes be wary of products that don’t account for this.

I have found great success in using this product, and it is definitely my all time favourite tool that I own as part of my skincare routine, for SURE. This silicone cover means this is soft and easy to use with your cleanser of choice and water; so you can get a really great lather going on. It feels like your dead skin really is being scrubbed away, and I especially found that this helped my dry skin areas. Because of the shape of the massager, with its pointed head, it was really great to tackle the sides of my nose too (dry skin and patchy area for me!).

This definitely helped clean and clear my skin, but I wouldn’t say this is 100% perfect for removing blackheads alone, although it drastically helped in that process. I now use this to cleanse and scrub my skin, before using a blackhead nose strip. It means the strip is way more effective now that I’ve scrubbed away the dead skin; and I’m MUCH happier when looking in that magnifying mirror after every shower.


I’m completely in love with this and this is now the ONLY skincare tool I use on my face, which says a lot for me about how well it works. It has pride of place upon my bathroom cabinet with my favourite cleanser, and other skincare creams/oils.

Have you guys find anything as successful for your skincare routine? 🙂

*This product was sent for review by Loulou-loves; all thoughts, words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support me.



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