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Spring Beauty Treats

28th March 2014
As you can see, I’ve picked up some little treats to get me in the mood for Spring. 
I wanted to try a new primer, and went for Bourjois Happy Light Matte Primer (£10.99), some lovely pastel coloured nail polishes (£3.49 each, but they were buy one get one half price!), a cute Candy-Red Minnie Mouse nail polish (£1!), some refreshing Simple Cleansing wipes (£3) and a FREE Percy & Reed Wonder Hair Balm I got with this months ELLE magazine (RRP £18).

I’m really happy with the nail polishes because I definitely needed some spring colours, and the Minnie Mouse one was just too cute to resist.

The Rimmel pastel colours are beautiful! I love the baby blue as a new addition to my collection for Sping/Summer, and the light pink is perfect as a subtle but pretty shade to wear – particularly since I’m starting a new job in the next week! I wanted something girly but not too bright, and this is wonderful.

Im so excited to talk about the Bourjois Matte Primer! I never expected to like it as much as I do, but I think it’s a really big deal. As some of you may know, I’ve had my eye on Benefit’s ‘Porefessional’ Primer for some time now, because I adore Benefit and I wanted a primer that helps my makeup last as well as hiding my pores. Unfortunately, at almost £25 for a tube I just can’t afford the Porefessional right now, at least until I start my new job 🙂
So I had to go for something a little cheaper. Enter Bourjois. At half the price it’s affordable and worth a try. To be honest I really was taking a chance on it, because they didn’t even have any testers available at the time.
With a creamy soft tint, and non greasy texture it applies easily and evenly across my skin. I was literally ‘WOWED’ with how soft it makes your skin feel. I ran my fingers across the areas I’d applied it to, and compared to my skin usually; it’s like a wonderful matte texture, without the shine. As for keeping my makeup in place, I do think it’s really helped. Usually I have to reapply my foundation/bronzer after about 3/4 hours which can be annoying. With this primer I found I still looked fresh after 6 hours of a busy day!
So yep, this is a winner for me personally. I think it would be a great product for most skin types, but let me know yourself if you’ve tried it! Remember, I’m no expert I can only let you guys know what works for me, and you should always test first for yourself or get advice from a skincare expert 🙂
As for the Hair Balm – I haven’t tried it yet but I will let you guys know as soon as I do! Or tell me if you’ve used it yourself and what you thought of it?
Let me know what you think and leave a comment!
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