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19th April 2014
This is the question being asked by
And although it sounds like a strange question, there’s a fantastic challenge behind it.
This idea is based around the knowledge that we live in a high speed world, with instant access and an impatient environment all around us. We never have a chance to just you know, chill out! We never get to really appreciate the moment, whether it be big or small.
This is all about taking the time to reflect on what makes you happy, what makes you feel good and what moves you. Even if it is only for a moment, by doing this on a daily basis you will learn to appreciate the little things, notice how lucky you are and become more optimistic.
Okay, here’s the deal.
Go to sign up and choose how you’re gona record each happy moment.
Personally I’ve chosen to do it through my Instagram account @ladybeemo so I can take photos to document each moment in some way.
You also have the option of Facebook, Twitter etc. Or just keepng it completely private. Remember, this is for yourself anyway. Not to show off all over Facebook or try make people jealous in some way.
You’re gonna think of something once a day that makes you happy. It could be anything. 
Had a fun day out?
Ate a yummy meal?
Read a great book?
Made someone smile?
Take a photograph, write it down, tweet it, whatever. Document that bad boy.
You’re capturing happiness right there and keeping it saved up!
Pretty soon you can look back over this and you will be reminded of your happy moments. Taking the time each day to observe your own happiness, sounds obvious but it really works. 
So, follow me on Instagram and you’ll see me uploading something every day with the #100happydays tag.
This is my very first entry for the challenge;
*Spring flowers blooming finally!*
Are you going to try this challenge? I think you should! And tell me about it so I can follow other people’s happy journeys too! 🙂
Good luck!
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