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Happy thoughts

6th April 2014
There are some of you that know already that I suffer with Anxiety issues and stress, and have for a while now. It affects a multitude of things in my life and can be quite difficult.
I will probably go into this fully at some point,but today is not about that directly.
Today I wanted to share one of the ways I deal with those issues.
All the things that make me…
I find sometimes that making a list of things that make me smile, or things to look forward to, or remember; can be very therapeutic and helpful when dealing with anxiety, stress or depression.
And especially lately, I’ve needed to keep these things in mind.
So here we go, it’s my own personal happy list.
Gary is my loving boyfriend of almost 3 years, and I can wholeheartedly say I’m still madly in love with him.
He makes me laugh, he supports me in everything, he’s so quirky and interesting and he makes me feel absolutely perfect. Even though I’m far from it. He treats me like a princess and I’m very lucky to have him.
Anything from Foe, Placebo, Blink 182, Lady Gaga, Eminem, The Cure, Hole. I have millions of various music loves in a whole load of genres. Music can relax me, calm me, remind me of happy times and also make me forget. Sometimes taking a deep breath, putting on a song you love and chilling out is all you need to feel better.
Something to look forward to! A reminder of good things to come can make even the darkest days doable. It means you have something to strive for, and it reminds you that feeling low wont be forever. For me that’s a holiday to Greece this June with Gary. I count down, plan activities, think about what we will do and what we will see. It’s an instant mood booster to know we can leave the country even just for a week, and be enjoying ourselves in a beautiful part of the world.
Im a huge animal lover and they never fail to cheer me up. I want a German Shepard and a Pug asap! My favourite animals are probably horses though, because I used to horse ride for years and it’s so fun and rewarding. They are strong, beautiful creatures and I dream of having my own one day. For now though, I am only permitted a cat called Jake – He is my little bestie! I’m a sad old cat lady and I love my little guy. Seriously though anything to do with animals makes me happy. You can help out at a dog home, or cattery and even just taking a dog for a walk for someone can be therapeutic and rewarding.
Talking to someone, or having fun with a friend who knows you well can do you the world of good. You can either get your feelings out and have someone support you, or they can help you relax and forget about your problems. I’m so grateful for the friends I have, as they all make me happy in different ways. There are friends you see all the time, the ones you never see (but cherish and miss them), the ones that are good for a fun night out, and the friends who have always been there and who know you at your best and worst. I always recommend talking to someone if your anxiety or depression is getting too much for you to handle alone. And on that note; please anyone reading this always feel free to message me. I can be an ear to listen, and would always be happy to share my experiences if it helped.
Finding something you enjoy on a daily or weekly basis is so important. It’s a way of expressing yourself and helps you put things in perspective. No matter how trivial or random it may seem, if it’s something you enjoy; Go for it! Personally I love to paint, make collages, take photographs, read, go shopping (Sorry but retail therapy really is great!), bake (even though I’m awful at it) and visit new places. 
There are so many ways to get ideas for a new hobby, such as or
Let me know your hobbies, or of you try any new ones 🙂
And finally, number 7. Probably the most important one. Loving yourself.
Accepting who you are and embracing it sounds so truly cheesy. I know, it really does. But honestly, it can change your life. There is so much I don’t like about myself, and have even hated about myself in the past. But it stops you from doing things you want to do and being who you are supposed to be.
These days I try to not let it hold me back, and try to always see the positive in myself. Sure, there are bad days, days when I’m so insecure that I almost have a panic attack before leaving the house. Those days become less and less though when I take the time to remind myself of my good points. When I realise the things I like about myself, and maybe why others like me; I feel a million times better. And it’s an ongoing thing. I think it always will be for me personally, but the point is I know how to deal with it. And I like myself a little more as time goes on. 
Remind yourself of why you are unique, why you are loved, and love yourself too.
I hope this has been a tiny bit helpful to anyone who can relate, and I hope this also gives some insight into how it can be for others.
As I mentioned at the start of this, I will do a post one day explaining my issues properly. But for now let’s all smile and enjoy the day 🙂
Happy thoughts to you all.
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