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25 Tips To Get Through College

4th July 2014

I wanted to do a huge list dedicated to helping others through college, or just letting people who miss it like myself reminisce. It can be a tricky time, and feel a bit overwhelming if you’re just starting College. So I’m here to help with 25 handy tips I reckon will see you through well!


1. Don’t beat yourself up about the little things.
2. Don’t be afraid to try new things and meet new people.
3. Remember time is limited. This will probably be the most exciting years, enjoy them.
4. Learn to manage your time well.
5. Find your own style. Whether it be clothes or style of work.
6. Voice your opinion.
7. Explore the city you’re in, if you’re away from home.
8. Pay attention!
9. Be friendly with your tutors. They will be more willing to help & understanding if you ever fall behind.
10. Now’s the time to reinvent yourself. Who do you really want to be?
11. Find a cheap alcoholic drink you like. Chances are you’ll be drinking plenty. Save some pennies, LOL.
12. Ask for help if you need it.
13. Use condoms!
14. Accept that family may not understand or agree with what you’re studying, or what you want to be.
15. Take LOTS of photographs.
16. Buy a student card. The benefits are endless.
17. Embrace people completely different from yourself.
18. If you ever wanted pink hair, now is the time.
19. Same goes for a piercing or tattoo. Although I recommend going for the piercing if you’re unsure, haha!
20. Public transport is a bitch and will always make you late.
21. Take a trip with college friends. You wont regret this.
22. Ask questions.
23. Always have a notebook handy.
24. Find a hobby that you love. It’ll keep you sane when things get stressy.
25. And once again.. Enjoy it!

Any other suggestions you guys can think of?




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