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DIY: Phone Case

31st July 2014
Who wants a cute phone case? You can DIY yourself a cute, new one in minutes using only washi tape! Personally I love buying new phone cases, I like having lots of different ones to choose from. But the problem is usually that I choose ones with big bulky accessories or chunky bows/diamonds/Hello Kitty icons on, lol. Great on the eyes, but not on the pockets. Trying to fit those bad boys in your jeans is tough. So I decided I needed a cute, simple phone case option too.
And enter washi tape! Washi tape is adorable. You can do so much with it, and instantly make everything prettier. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more washi tape posts soon. So anyway, I decided to use it for a phone case diy post, because then this way you don’t have to spend a penny on a new case! You can simply give your old basic one a little face lift.
Step 1. Choose your tape. For now I’m using plain coloured ones, but you can buy pretty patterned ones too 🙂
Step 2. Apply as you wish over your case. Think about shapes/patterns you can create using different colours. Also be careful not to cover your camera or any mics/speakers!
Step 3. Carefully cut the edges off, as straight as you can. I used a craft knife but I tested with scissors and this should be just as easy and effective.
And there you have it. A cute, colourful new case made in five minutes.
I’m quite happy with mine 🙂
Here are some other cute examples I found on Pinterest:


Let me know if you try this!




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