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10 Things You Learn When You Live With Your Boyfriend

15th August 2014

* Or at least my boyfriend.

  1. Socks are everywhere. They will hide from you, creep up in hats, among bed sheets and in bags!

  1. You now only get someof the duvet.

  1. If you don’t tell him to groom, he won’t. He’d happily have a monobrow.

  1. He will surprisingly put up with your love of RuPaul’s Drag Race.. And end up cheering for his favourite contestants and become a fan himself!

  1. He will discover all your strange habits no matter how you try to hide them.

  1. You will drive each other crazy living in such close proximity, but you’ll miss each other as soon as one leaves.

  1. You cannot go to bed angry. Even if it gets to 5am, make it up first.

  1. He will have no problem talking about bodily functions to you, no matter how you beg him not to.

  1. You will get cuddles every single night, which is pretty lovely ?

  1. Everyone will immediately ask you when you’re getting married/having kids.

  1. He will be your biggest fan. Whether it’s cooking a new meal or trying on an outfit, he’ll be there to applaud and tell you how wonderful you are, even if you don’t feel it.





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