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DIY Lip Scrub in 5 Minutes

8th August 2014

If you’re anything like me, unfortunately you don’t have lush, soft lips all year round. The hot weather cracks ’em, the Winter dries them out, it sucks. I’m constantly carrying lip balm with me wherever I go, and I really do need it. But what about when you need a little exfoliating scrub to do away with dead skin? Those days when perhaps your lips need a little TLC? Well here’s a little tip on how you can sort all your problems with simple items you probably have around the house.

You’ll have duckface for days after this..

You’ll need:

A small tub or pot,

A small blob of Vaseline (depending on how big your pot is!)

1 teaspoon of Sugar,

1 teaspoon of Honey,

1 old makeup brush (Or something small enough to mix with!).

Step 1. Make sure your little pot is all clean, ready for use.
Step 2. Add your Vaseline into your little pot. You want it to fill about half way.
Step 3. Sprinkle in half of the sugar, mix it up using your brush, and then add the rest of the sugar.
Step 4. Now add in the honey, and give it a good final mix. You want the consistency to be thick so don’t add too much. We don’t want this to drip on our lips, it’s to be scrubbed on!
Step 5: Enjoy! I’ve been using my fingers to scrub this on, but again an old make up brush is fine.
You can really feel the difference afterward, and your lips should be soft and smooth. And let’s be honest, it’s just FUN! 🙂
Hope this post made you smile, or was useful!




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