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Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review

21st September 2014

I’m quite pale but not perfectly porcelain. I’m not one to wear tonnes of makeup, but I still wear enough everyday to cover blemishes, dark circles, and in extreme heat; my many freckles. Speaking of heat, whenever there’s the tiniest bit of humidity in the air, or I’m particularly anxious or nervous (daily basis..), my makeup disappears and I look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge.

This has come to be the norm for me unfortunately. If I go on a night out, I have to fill my little handbag with my foundation and powder, as well as other necessities like my phone, money for shots, and my address written down for the cab driver 😉 Not great unless you love taking a huge bag out with you..

Until NOW. Last week I finally got around to buying Estee Lauder Double Wear, and I was so excited as I’d heard such good things about it.

I had £10 in rewards available on my Debenhams Beauty card, and there was no way I was letting that bad boy go to waste. I had a look around online, and decided to finally go for ‘2N1 Desert Beige’ as it looked very close to my natural colour, maybe a subtle shade darker – which is what I’d prefer. So I risked it and ordered it. I have to say I’m extremely lucky, because it is such a perfect shade for my skin! And I got to avoid the girls at the beauty counter, yaaay! You feel me yeah?
I was hoping for a gorgeous medium coverage, something that would make my skin look soft and.. well, perfect. Something that would apply really easily over my skin, without looking cakey. What I got was all this and more. I mean it’s called Stay in Place Makeup. But now that I’ve explained how makeup has never stayed in place for me, I hope you can see just how much I really didn’t expect this. But oh my god does it STAY. I’ve given it over a week now to test this out in various situations, and it has passed each test with flying colours.
But really guys, I know you’ve probably seen hundreds of reviews on Double Wear and how great it is. So if you’ve bothered reading this then thank you so much. I really wanted to reiterate what many other bloggers have said though, and confirm it really is as good as it claims to be. It’s just a shame it’s not so cheap.. But at least my handbag is much lighter now for nights out!
Here’s to being skint forever now. Bye. x




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