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23rd September 2014

We’re coming to the end of September, already.



I have no idea where this year has gone. It doesn’t feel so long ago that we brought in the New Year, or I had my birthday. But here we are, the last part of the year seeping in. As this time draws in, I’ve been thinking about small goals for these last three months and what I’d like to achieve. I’m not necessarily talking about the big goals, just the little daily/weekly ones we think of as we go along.


You see I’m a great fan of a to-do list. I have one for every single day, which I realise makes me sound robotic and boring. It really works well for me though. Having a small (even simple) to-do list makes me feel a little better and more accomplished. It helps me remember the important and the not so important things, and it brings me a sense of calm. Even if I just write a list of house chores, blog post ideas or things I can do that make me happy; I write them and I feel much better. Call me weird.


So my daily hopes, thoughts and to-do lists are always on the forefront on my mind anyway. It isn’t hard to understand then why I’ve started thinking about what I’d like to achieve in these next three months before we bring in the New Year again.

I’d like to share these hopes with you.


*I want to finish my reading challenge before the year is up.

*I want to carve my first pumpkin.

*I want to walk, run, or be active everyday.
*I want to learn a new recipe and blog about trying it.
* I want to design my next big tattoo.
*I want to drink more water.
*I want to be more involved with my family.
*Buy my Christmas presents early.
*I also want to make a lot of my Christmas presents.
*I want to have adventures with Gary.
*I want to make friends in my new job.
*I want to save whatever I can for moving after New Year.
*I want to arrange a day out with a distant friend.
*I want to be panic attack free.
*I want to be creative on a regular basis.
*I want to discover somewhere new.
What will you guys be doing/planning before the year is up? 🙂




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