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Dork Things: Comics

26th September 2014

Hello lovelies! πŸ™‚

Today I wanted to share a little piece of myself with you guys that you probably don’t know about me yet. Part of what I like to call, my ‘dorkier’ side. For as long as I can remember, I have loved various forms of Art, Illustration and Design. Hence me studying it at college and university for years. I’ve never called myself a ‘comic book kid’ because people only associate that with Superman, Spiderman and other general superhero/Marvel characters. Which are completely and utterly awesome by the way. I am team Batman always (my bat tattoo agrees) and I pretty much love any Marvel film, but I’ve never even tried the comics truthfully.


But my love for Graphic Art and Illustration has led me many times in the past perusing through small comic book stores and still getting a kick out of being surrounded by amazing Art and (usually) plenty of geeks. I mean no offense, I feel at home with the geeks. I was never the cool kid. I am a dork (distant relative of the Geek), hence my blog name.


Back when I was around 16 I happened to be browsing a comic book store in Liverpool, and came across a small series hidden near the back called ‘Lenore, The Cute Little Dead Girl’, by Roman Dirge.

The Gothic theme, the childlike yet amazing illustrations and the humorous/strange stories had me at once. Also it helped that the whole comic was based on a girl that was totally gothic, and not at all sexual or provocative. There are too many of those comics.. I was utterly hooked standing there reading through them all in the middle of the store, in my black skinny jeans, long emo hair and a My Chemical Romance tshirt. Yes, I was one of those kids., and I loved it. In fact, I still do. I’ve just become more open to pastels and makeup other than heavy black eyeliner now. Anyway I bought all the ones I could find available that very same day, and rushed home to devour them all at once.

My love for Lenore was born and over the years I’ve tried to get my hands on as many issues as possible including the beautiful collectors editions books. Lenore isn’t a huge comic by most standards. Sure it’s easy enough to find on Google, but I’ve yet to meet any other fans since I discovered her.
Lenore has encouraged me to branch out and explore other comics too over the years, usually smaller less heard of comics. That’s not to try to appear hipster and cool, it’s literally because I’m too intimidated to buy any more well known ones because of the Fandom.
I don’t know all the back stories, the biographies and ins and outs of certain characters in the ‘bigger’ comics, so I feel less connected to them. Also, as much as I would love to meet other Lenore fans, I think a part of me honestly enjoys that I’ve felt like I’ve had her to myself all these years πŸ™‚ I’m pretty damn set on getting a Lenore tattoo one day.
Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed getting another little snippet into my life.
What ‘Dorky’ things do you like/collect?




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