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Transform Your Morning Routine

8th September 2014
 Do you need to transform your morning routine? Sometimes we can get in a rut, despite our best intentions. You fumble around trying to find the snooze button on your phone at least once. You struggle to fully open your eyes as you make your way the bathroom. You don’t even feel awake until your first tea/coffee/juice/vodka, (jokes!) and you usually get lost checking notifications and planning things for the day to even give a moment’s pause.

Sound familiar? If not; then yay for you! You have already mastered your mornings. If it does resemble your mornings even slightly though, then like me you could probably do with a change. So how do we do this without making unrealistic promises and feeling guilty for not doing them?


Well, for the past week I’ve been trying different things, taking suggestions from friends/google, and ultimately taking note of what helps me have a great morning. I thought I’d share these ideas with you guys and hopefully help one or two of you become morning people! 🙂


Enjoy the quiet ?

Take a moment to appreciate that little slice of time you have completely to yourself, and enjoy the quietness of it. Let in the sunlight, open the windows and enjoy your coffee in silence. You could apply your makeup slowly, or maybe jot down some thoughts/ideas (my dreams often inspire me). As long as it’s quiet though, giving your mind time to adjust to waking. The day is loud and busy enough, so enjoy this.


Light Yoga/stretching ?

After a night’s sleep, it’s good to stretch out your body and appreciate what it does for you. We put our bodies through a lot, so a few moments each morning warming up our muscles and maybe doing some light yoga (so many free yoga apps out there!) will prepare us for the day more. Also, I tend to suffer with a lot of back problems, and I find this really eases my daily aches.


Be thankful ?

Set yourself up for a positive outlook all day by reminding yourself of things you should be thankful for. It could be that you have great family/friends, that you are learning new things everyday, that you have a home you love, great opportunities, or even just be thankful that you are on this earth living your own life! 🙂 Either way, try to think of three little things each day. Even if it’s the same things, reminding yourself of them will make you feel good. I find keeping these on little post it notes on my mirror a great way to do this.


Find something that makes you feel awesome ?

Be sure to include something in your morning routine that makes you feel good. Maybe it’s a new song that you love, wearing your best makeup, or wearing your favourite jeans you feel good in. Make the day feel a little bit more special, in whatever way suits you. It’ll set you up for a better day.



I hope you guys can find something useful in this post, or at least enjoyed reading it. I do really believe if you try these things, you’ll feel better about your mornings. It’s personally made me feel calmer, more focused, happier and better about myself. It’s important to take even just ten minutes a day to look after your mind, so why no do it in the morning and let it make your whole day better?



Thanks for popping by lovelies!




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