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Better Blogging In 6 Steps

1st September 2014
Blogging a completely relative thing. Nobody can tell you how you should run your blog, or present it to the world.
However, there are little tips and tricks that are basically a given these days in the blogging world; and they can truly help you grow a larger readership, and help show your posts in their best light.
So with that in mind, I decided to note down the six tips I’d probably advise any new bloggers to take on board. I truly think they can help keep your blog true to you, and a wonderful place for readers to visit! I hope it helps 🙂



1. The biggest blessing is other bloggers ?

I didn’t realise blogging would have such a huge social aspect to it when I first began. For a start, you can get involved on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, follow other bloggers, take part in the scheduled chats and even attend blogger meet ups. I’m yet to do a meet up yet, but so keen! Other bloggers keep you sane when nobody else understands what you’re doing. They help you with tips, tricks and general blogging inquiries. You find people who love the things you do and are so friendly! This is the best part about blogging for me personally.

2. You need to think about your skills ?

If you want an audience that will appreciate your posts and visit again, then you may want to think about improving one or two skills. For me, I’m writing all the time whether it’s for a post or not, because I want to improve as much as possible. For this same reason it’s important to read as much as possible. Take in what other bloggers are doing, and how they do it well. You may want to practise your photography skills if your blog is photo heavy too. And I always recommend getting a good layout that suits your blog. Always look to improve where you can.

3. Be passionate ?

Why do it if you aren’t wholeheartedly excited by it? At the end of the day you should be doing this for nobody but yourself, and you’ve gotta love it. Write if you love to write, take photographs everyday if want to, create recipes to share with your readers, whatever. However you choose to express yourself, put your heart into it and remember why you started. A half arsed post that you’ve forced yourself to write last minute will be obvious to anyone who reads it anyway.

4. Honesty really is the best policy ?

Always be true to yourself, even if you feel like the ‘odd one out’. If you’re reviewing a product, be honest with what you think about it. Don’t feel pressure even if it’s been gifted to you by a company, to lie. Or even if every other blogger out there is loving it. You don’t? Say so! I mean, maybe don’t be rude. But explain yourself, and you’ll be appreciated for your honesty.

5. Lose certain expectations ?

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve visited amazing blogs and felt so intimidated by their successes and achievements, and left myself feeling bad. It’s the worst thing you can do. Do not compare yourself to others! You are totally different people, on different paths. Especially if like me you’ve only been blogging a few months and you compare yourself to someone who has been at it for years. Don’t expect magic to happen, you have to put in the time and effort. Don’t do it for the numbers, do it for yourself, and the rest will follow.

6. Stay inspired ?

There’s nothing worse than bloggers block eh? You want to post, but have no idea where to start. It’s annoying to say the least. I’ve found that the things that give me ideas and inspire me most are listening to music, taking a break from the computer altogether, visiting other blogs, going over your own archive and deciding what’s missing, or what you’d like to cover again. For example maybe you’re a beauty blogger & you could try out a whole new makeup look? Decide what makes you happy and creating posts based around that. Sometimes inspiration will hit you, other times you have to run at it and grab it by the horns!


Good luck! x




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